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My first guest blogger of the year is Fiona Grayson, a writer who lives in Brisbane, Australia. It’s also Fiona’s first time as a guest blogger, so be sure to say “Hi!” to her.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on her blog last year. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can find it here.

Fiona has an interesting story to tell about her journey into the blogging life, and I’m happy to have her share it with you.

I can never meet enough interesting women, and Fiona’s personal story is one I think you will enjoy.

Please welcome her to my blog.

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Who is Fiona Grayson?

I was pleasantly surprised when Eden graciously accepted my invitation to feature on my site as an inspiration to other women, sharing her amazing story, entitled “Banker turned Author Extraordinaire”, which you can read hereEden’s story is truly inspiring and authentic, I love her frankness and wit.

So, because I’m not really a writer (am working on that), I will share a bit about my life and why I blog …

I started blogging early 2016 about manifesting dreams. I went on to develop a site that focuses on everyday women (real women, real stories), who have successfully followed and achieved their goals and dreams.

baby fiona grayson

I’m the eldest of four with three younger brothers.  I grew up all over Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. I’ve lived in almost every south-side suburb of Brisbane (Australia) through to living in the bush (not literally). We actually lived in houses, not trees. My parents were restless people, moving every couple of years, which meant I changed schools a lot.

My youngest memories are from when I turned three, I received a pink teddy bear from my uncle for my third birthday. I remember we lived in a dead end street that backed onto a forest. I used to spend hours exploring the forest. I remember dad had bought me some real live bunny rabbits for pets, which I suspect now, were for cooking rabbit stew. I woke up one day to find they were gone, apparently taken by a fox, or so dad said. Dad also told us that sultanas are really rabbit’s poo!!!

Dad was always making up stories like that. It never stopped me from eating sultanas though (laughing). I should have been born a boy, given I liked playing with mud, playing “cow-boys and itchy bums (indians)” with the neighbourhood boys, and apparently as a baby eating my own ‘you know what’ as well as rabbits poo. I was such a gross tomboy.

fiona girl

Whenever I made a close friend, the family would up and move to a completely different end of town. For a few months, we would write letters to each other. My friend would then become a “pen-pal”, as mum called it back then. With each move I often felt lost and lonely, however, as I grew older, I got more and more used to change and began to view it as an adventure. Change for me became exciting (sometimes unsettling), but it only ever took a couple of days to adjust and adapt.

For me, change always means opportunity – When one door closes, another door opens”, that kind of thing.

Fast forward to thirteen, working at various different jobs after school. My first full-time job was working in a Real Estate office as a “Receptionist/Office assistant”. From there I worked at Kmart in the toys/confectionary section and various office jobs after that, until I decided to get into sales with the intention of earning more. I was pretty ambitious and had always wanted to become an entrepreneur or at least earn more than my parents.

My childhood was a roller-coaster ride of domestic violence, involving emotional, sexual and physical abuse. As you can imagine, stress and depression ruled my life. I understood why people committed suicide, however, that was never something I could possibly imagine doing.

I ended up marrying twice, experiencing varying degrees of domestic violence (however, I do have an absolutely wonderful son, which is what kept me going). That just goes to show how childhood experiences impact adult-hood. I am such a slow learner, dohhh!!!

fiona and son

From those experiences, I have become the strong, independent woman I am today. I think that adversity builds empathy, strength and determination. I survived and thrived because I had a best friend who was my rock, and because I became more self-aware, constantly questioning what I was doing, thinking and saying to the point that I finally realised, that thoughts and words attract more of what you say and think into your life. A self-fulfilling prophecy you might say.

The other thing I constantly reminded myself of, was, that there is always someone else worse off than you, that there are women and children living in war torn countries, and if they can survive, so can I. It is very sobering.brisbane, australia

These days my life is pretty freaking amazing, and I am so grateful that I live in this wonderful country where, if you really want to achieve anything, you can if you want it bad enough.

It might not sound like it, but I don’t dwell in the past, I continually focus on the here, the now and how FABULOUS my life is now. Marrying twice, I learned a lot about relationships, particularly the relationship with myself. I have learned that you have to love and honour yourself, be confident (or, fake it until you make it) and accept who you are. That means embracing and accepting the good, the bad and the ugly bits of yourself. Once you do that, your relationships with everyone (friends, family, work associates, acquaintances) are more authentic and happier, or at least mine are.

fiona colourful dress 2

My friends describe me as a positivity junky, vivacious, energetic ever-ready bunny, creative, driven, successful and a bit of a dreamer who “chases butterflies”. Yep, that’s me.

I’ve had a couple of businesses (spanning a period of 9 years – in promotional merchandise and beauty therapy). I’ll give anything a go. I tried, unsuccessfully to launch a mythological range of sterling silver charms. Clearly I was the only person interested in mythology and charms at the time.

I currently work full-time in the property space in state government – which is extremely interesting and diverse. It suits my inquisitive personality particularly because I love learning. I’m a bit of a sponge and working in property helps me understand and source potential future investment opportunities.

fiona colourful dress 1

I’m currently building an investment portfolio of properties, with the view of creating a comfortable lifestyle for myself for when I retire. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you should never rely on a man to look after you financially. You can never know if a relationship is forever, so always take care of your own financial future. No-one else will. My man supports that theory he’s a realist), although, he believes we will be together forever… such a sweety. Should the passage of time reveal that we are still together in old age, it just means we will have more as a couple. He definitely has more than me, so I figure I have the better end of the stick. That’s a win-win I say.

I love surprises, cute fluffy dogs – particularly the little white fluffy cavoodles, poodles or anything with an ‘oodle’ in it. From the age of four or five I discovered and fell in love with music and dancing and did ballet and jazz. As a grown up, I dabbled in a number of dance styles – ballroom, Latin, jazz and modern jive. I did really well with modern jive, coming third nationally in two categories (WOO WOO!).

I’m adventurous, a bit of a nut-bag, I love meeting new people, trying new foods, cooking, travel and am a bit of an adrenalin junkie – I love the hairiest scariest theme park rides especially the ones at the annual exhibition. I ride a Kawasaki 390 Duke motorbike, grew up with horses, learned to water-ski, have jumped out of a perfectly safe aeroplane with a hunk strapped to my back (sky-diving). I love entertaining – hosting dinner parties, mountain bike riding, yoga, meditation, power walking, writing and food. You name it, I’ve probably tried it – I love keeping busy, challenging myself mentally and physically. I’m a bit of a daredevil, however, now that I’m getting older – I have a lot more self-preservation now-a-days.

Chocolate is my kryptonite!

I have been with my wonderful partner (Bruce) since 3 December 2006. He is my rock, my lover, best friend and mentor (although sometimes he makes me mental. ) 🙂

fiona horsebackMy life is FANTASTIC these days, especially since I manifested my man into my life. I have discovered the key to manifesting and I am continually manifesting more AMAZING things in my life!

So based on my life experiences, I developed a site I call The Community of WE (WE stands for ‘Women Evolved”), to assist women to become manifesters of dreams – read how I manifested my man into my lifeinspiring women to become Go-Getters, empowering them to reach and achieve whatever their hearts desire.

fiona grayson on bike

Telling your story is self-empowering, makes you realise how far you’ve come in life and what you’ve achieved so far. This, I believe, is very powerful, as well as inspirational. Reading stories has the potential to brighten someone’s day, discover new skills and ideas and motivate you to “GO FOR IT”.

Find out the 5 Mantras that Changed my Life.

When women feel valued and empowered, women can achieve amazing things for themselves, their families and communities”

Yeah babes, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Enough about me.

Thanks heaps Eden, for having me as your guest, I really appreciate it.


You’re most welcome, Fiona! Thank you for sharing your story. Readers, feel free to connect with Fiona at her links below.

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Connect with Fiona

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