Music Monday heats up with The O’Jays

It was quite the week with the transition of power from President Obama to the now, new president Trump. Social media blew up with rants about every aspect of the inauguration. I watched most of it live streaming on Facebook until I could not longer stomach the venomous comments. Add to that countless protests worldwide, and at times, the anger was palpable.

I am grateful for the Women’s March on Saturday, which, though heated at times, proved to be peaceful and harmonious. It showed extraordinary organization and power in numbers. And it wasn’t just women marching, of course. People from all over the world participated as a display of dissent against the Trump presidency.

He is on notice. I can only hope he listens.

This weekend, I heard “For the Love of Money” amongst other songs by The O’Jays. The group has a distinct sound, and I’ve loved their music since “Love Train” so long ago.

Well … it was interesting to learn this song was associated with Trump for his reality TV show, The Apprentice. 

The lyrics start with “Money” repeated six times, but it’s not a song that praises wealth and money. Quite the contrary, the title was a quote from the Bible, which read:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

I am not religious, but I thought it coincidental that I should hear this song at this time. Its meaning speaks to self-awareness and control, not of greed and idolatry.

I wonder if the new president realized this when he used the song for his show. If not, then he should certainly heed its true meaning now.

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6 responses to “Music Monday heats up with The O’Jays

  1. I don’t think he’s capable of listening to anything but the voice in his head that tells him he’s the greatest human being to ever walk the earth. The man’s every breath is an insult to the progress of humanity.

    There was a march here on Saturday, with a good many women, men, and children along.

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  2. I’m sitting in Thailand for a few more weeks and the thing that actually upsets me the most is so many people have made a decision to hate this man and not give him a chance. We, in the US have had numerous people as president that have said and done foolish things in and out of office and still lead the country and made it better. It seems the liberal minded folks find that if someone doesn’t fit the mold set by their agenda then they should be reviled.

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    • Dannie, hope you’re enjoying your time in Thailand. Lucky man, so cold here. As far as the new president, I think there is dissension from many people. Only time will tell how well he leads your country. 😉 xox


  3. suenador

    Yup, money is the root of evil! On the bright side, I started to watch SNL again after a hiatus of years/decades (It’s past my bedtime). I’m counting on Alec Baldwin for some good laughs (because if you can’t laugh…) Thanks for post Eden and your thoughtful selections!

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