Music Monday heats up with Talking Heads

David Byrne of Talking Heads is a hell of a performer. He’s mesmerizing in this innovative and bizarre video for the song “Once in a Lifetime.”

Sung in a stream of consciousness lyrical style inspired by early rap, it’s a favorite of mine from the album, Remain in Light. The song is an adventurous foray into African mythologies and rhythms.

Of particular interest to me was that Byrne was suffering writer’s block prior to this album. He looked to African music to break his writer’s block, realizing that when African musicians forget words, they often improvise and make new ones up. (I should try that for my next book. 😉 )

He also viewed footage of various tribal, religious rituals and incorporated some of their movements, in keeping with the “unconscious religious lyrics.”

That explains a lot when you listen to the words and watch his performance.

Enjoy the song. If this past week is any indication, spring is hopefully around the corner!



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11 responses to “Music Monday heats up with Talking Heads

  1. It’s interesting to know about the source of his dance movements. I just thought it was just him trying to be unique. When I’m feeling a bit low energy, I listen to Burning Down the House (live). I might do that to welcome Spring back.

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    • Good idea Matt. I also read that Byrne studied the movements of epileptics for some of his moves…you can definitely see that. Hope you have a great week. It’s starting to look like spring, but I don’t think winter is gone for good yet!


  2. I used to make up words at my old job and post them as a word of the day.

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  3. suenador

    The boys are home for Reading Week and one of them decided to unearth our vinyl albums from the far reaches of the back basement – from the 1970s &1980s. We sure owned a lot of Talking Heads it turns out! Great strategy for breaking through writers’ block – delving into new worlds. I’ll remember that! Thanks, Eden! xo

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  4. Quite a throwback to the past!

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