Music Monday features #Canadian with The Parachute Club

This will be the last week I feature music from a picture of myself wearing vinyl albums. It was to highlight my Canadian style for the Dare to Wear Love Challenge.

I won one of four spots to be in the fashion show, so on May 12th, I’ll be walking the runway! To learn more about the cause, visit Dare to Wear Love.

The Parachute Club was one of the albums I “wore.”

“Rise Up” was a huge song when it released in 1983. I actually met its lead singer, Lorraine Segato when she performed at the last Dare to Wear Love event. The song is an upbeat call for peace, celebration, and the freedom to love who we please. 34 years later, we’ve made advancements in these areas, but there is still so much work to be done, so … let’s rise up and celebrate this week.

Have a great one,



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8 responses to “Music Monday features #Canadian with The Parachute Club

  1. suenador

    I always get a warm feeling listening to Parachute Club. It was my first date with John at the Western Fair in 1984. And, Micah Barnes opened for them. I loved the sound of that name and it stuck with me. I named my second son Micah. Thanks for starting my week off just right, Eden! xo

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  2. It has been a long time since I’ve heard that one.

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  3. I saw that band live and I remember that particular tune. It really raised my spirits while going through a rough period many years ago.

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