Music Monday remembers Manchester

Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, made a surprise appearance at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert.

The show included Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and many others to raise money for victims of the terror attack that killed 22 people after Grande’s concert, May 22nd.

The terror continued yesterday with another killing on London Bridge and Borough Market.

Among the seven killed was a thirty year old Canadian woman. 😦  Rest in peace, Christine Archibald.

During these difficult times, music is the common language that unites the world. I am comforted by the strength of Mancunians, and I’m so grateful for the power of music.

~ eden


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12 responses to “Music Monday remembers Manchester

  1. suenador

    From all accounts, the young Canadian killed, Christine Archibald, was doing a lot of good in our world with an enormous capacity for love. I hope her tragic death reminds us of the need to build bridges, not put up walls of intolerance. Music is one important lever, for sure.

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    • Yes, it was so sad to hear of the Canadian woman’s death, as it was for all the people who died in such a senseless act of violence. Sometimes I just feel helpless and music soothes when nothing else can.


  2. I agree with your statement on the power of music. I’m also amazed how diverse your musical tastes are. I wonder if that has helped your creativity.

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    • Hi Matt, music is definitely a component in my creativity and filters into my stories on occasion. As much as I love it , I never write with music because I instinctively tune into the song and start singing along. 🙂 eden


  3. The healing and uniting power of music.

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  4. It might have been an easy thing for Miss Grande to just retreat from it all after what happened. Instead she put this together as a tribute. It speaks well of her.

    The life of Christine Archibald seems to be touching many, many people.

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  5. Thanks William for your comment. The concert really showed the resilience of the British people, and of Christine Archibald’s family. xox


  6. This concert really was amazing. I just spoke about it a bit on my blog as well. I love Liam Gallagher and it was amazing that he took the time to perform the hits. Very skilled percussionist indeed.

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