It’s been a long time since I wrote a poem. This is one I started more than a year ago when I was having a difficult time writing. I’d forgotten about it until I perused the many drafts on my blog which have yet to be published.

The poem says a lot for how I was feeling and how I continue to feel at times. I never published it, probably because I wanted it to be perfect before I did.

Today, I could not feel more imperfect. I don’t say this to solicit sympathy. It’s simply a statement of fact that some days will be less rosy than others.

Even if the poem goes unread, it will no longer just be silent words in my head.




I’ve been silent for so long

So silent I’ve lost my own voice

So silent I don’t know what I sound like anymore

When I speak, I gauge another’s reaction to my voice

I see confusion where I once saw recognition

I sense disagreement where there was once agreement

I feel discomfort in the space between us

Where a pillowy air of comfort used to be

How did I get here?

I’ve been too quiet

For too long

It’s time to hear my voice again

Time to speak and express

It’s no longer important how I came to be here

It’s only important where I go from here



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16 responses to “SILENCE #poem

  1. raymondboltonauthor

    Sometimes it’s wise to alert friends to your difficulties. Know that you’re not alone. Although we’re only distant friends, know that I welcome any and all communication from you, public or private. I’ll be an ear when you need one. I’ll offer advice only when you request it.

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    • HI Raymond, thank you for your kind comment. I’m not much for public pronouncements of hardship, but I do have friends I talk with. As I said, this poem was started over a year ago when things were much worse. I’m on the mend, did not even want to post it, but then thought: “What the hell?” I joke about being perfect, but it’s my nature to find that sweet spot to publish anything, which makes for times when publishing is not going to happen. It’s a learning experience.
      Thank you for your offer. Even with the distance, I know you are a sweetheart.

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  2. I love the lines
    “So silent I don’t know what I sound like anymore
    When I speak, I gauge another’s reaction to my voice”

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us, Eden.
    Hope the days ahead are a little rosier – on my tough days, I ask myself before going to bed, what was my favourite moment of the day? Even if it’s just a little moment, it allows me to fall asleep with optimism and, sometimes even a smile 🙂

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  3. Letizia, thank you. Each day is a gift, regardless of how tough it might be. Having you as a friend is definitely one of the things I’m grateful for. I appreciate your kind comment and words of encouragement. ❤


  4. suenador

    Thank you for being brave and vulnerable in sharing your “silence,” Eden. I know how you hold yourself to such a high standard that it’s probably not surprising that you feel, relatively speaking, that you had difficulty getting the words out right – and what they really mean to you. I’m glad you keep pushing through because you do have such a strong and insightful voice. xo

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  5. Powerful and poignant, Eden. I hope things are better now.

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  6. That’s a nice poem. Sometimes we just have to believe in ourselves and that we can overcome the challenges life throws at us.

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  7. John Dolan

    Beautiful, sad, autumnal. Virtual silent hugs being transmitted to you over the ether. Hugs don’t need words, right? Hugs have a voice all of their own.

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  8. Yes, it is time. Throw off convention and proper grammar, just write from deep in the well

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