Music Monday on the Eve of Destruction

In the wake of recent disasters–Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, floods in South Asia, wildfires in California, I started watching The Vietnam War, Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s gut-wrenching ten-part documentary series. It’s excellent and worth your time.

I suppose I’m feeling disheartened of late. For as many natural disasters that have hit us, there are many more man-made ones. You only have to read the daily news to learn of the cruelty human beings inflict upon one another.

Perhaps I fear history repeating itself, or maybe it’s because I’m traveling to Bali shortly, where Mt. Agung, an active volcano is threatening to erupt. Over 140,000 people have been evacuated. The eruption has been ‘imminent’ for the past three weeks. As at this writing, it still has not erupted.

I don’t live my life in fear, so after evaluating the risks, I’ll be leaving tomorrow as planned. I will be staying outside the 12KM exclusion zone around the volcano, so I should be fine.

This song played on episode 3 of The Vietnam War. The images are heartbreaking, the lyrics sobering. I’m moving forward, even though it seems as if the world is teetering on an eve of destruction everyday.

I’ll be blogging from Bali over the next weeks.

Stay safe,

~ eden


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22 responses to “Music Monday on the Eve of Destruction

  1. suenador

    It is a horribly disheartening time on so many levels. It’s not surprising that anxiety statistics are skyrocketing. I’m sure a part of that is not feeling we have any control – certainly not over natural disasters or most man-made ones. Creating those little pockets of happiness that are within our control is more important now than ever before. Going ahead with your Bali plans is a very smart move. Have a wonderful time, Eden! ENJOY!!! xo

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  2. Have a great time, darling, and keep safe.

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  3. There always seem to be periods in history of great upheaval and perhaps we are in one now. I wish you a safe and wonderful trip. I’m not traveling these days so I will be traveling via your words 😉

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    • It sure feels like things are coming to a head, Letizia. I will try my best to update as often as I can. Thanks always for your wonderful support. Sending warm hugs, xox


  4. Great song for today’s crazy world.

    Stay safe and inspired in Bali! I hope you’ll spoil yourself on the trip.

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  5. Stay safe!

    I have been watching the series. I’ve always liked the Burns documentaries, and this one is outstanding.

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  6. Anonymous

    I shake my head daily with the news of the day. Stay safe in your travels. Look forward to reading of your time in Bali.

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  7. All news these days, so very much ‘in our faces’ – makes us ‘jumpy’ and creates anxiety — knowledge redoubling so often and so much technology exploding across our lives – so many protests & riots… You make some most gripping statements – Vietnam War, ‘Mother Nature’ disasters – but the one that particularly scares me is the ‘repeating of history’: people want to tear down statues, erase history, clash and revolt, rave without any great reason, ‘our way or the highway’… We’ve read our history books about Fascism, Anarchy, Tyranny, and you would think we learned from those books.
    You nailed it, sweet Eden, There is so much bigotry, so much corruption, so much envy, hatred, greed…the ‘laundry list’ goes on… I feel it, too, and, as I mentioned in one of my own blog posts: it is more visceral for me here in Twilight than ever before in my long life.
    Please be safe on your trip to Bali! Enjoy, have fun! Our World is where it is!
    We can’t stop ‘living’! ♥ xo

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    • Visceral is a good way to describe it, Billy Ray. We cannot turn off our emotions and feelings, and sometimes that is difficult. I’m trying my best to enjoy the time I have, and going to Bali is a huge step in that process.

      Agree, we cannot stop living, nor should we.
      Thanks, sweet man, for your lovely words. xox

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  8. I sure don’t have any wisdom to pass on, Eden. I only try to do the right thing, or maybe just the bestthing of the choices available, one thing at a time.

    Stay safe, kind lady, and keep on keepin’ on.

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  9. Stamatia Kafoutis

    Over and over again…it repeats. Lessons are learned and lessons are not. You chose a stellar song – message, marking another important time. Thank you wisest and kindest,

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  10. Anonymous

    The Vietnam War is such a great series by Ken Burns. Let’s hope we have learned something and history will not repeat itself. I am so glad you do not live in fear. Whatever is going on in the world, you continue to move forward, doing what you feel is right to do. I look forward to your posts. Have a safe trip Eden.