Music Monday is Home

I heard this song performed by an Indonesian band the other day. They gave me a whole new appreciation for a song I knew, but never listened to closely.

I’m far from the home where I live, but I also feel right at home here in Bali.

It’s a most wonderful feeling, really.

Where ever you make your home, I hope you have a great week,



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12 responses to “Music Monday is Home

  1. i like crooners and some of the new throwback artists like Haley Reinhart

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  2. I hope you are enjoying your stay and soaking up the warmth. Hugs to you

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  3. suenador

    Eden, I am happy you are enjoying a home away from home! It must be extra special returning to a place you love! xo

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  4. Wow! One of my very favorites! How did you know that??? Michael Buble is one of my favorite performers, as well! NOW, Come on Home, Sweet Eden! xox ♥

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  5. I think songs and books affect me differently when I’m traveling. I’m not sure why. I hope you’re enjoying the heat there.

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