Music Monday rings with Hells Bells @acdc

This blog is dedicated to rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young who passed away this past weekend.

Along with his brother Angus, Malcolm founded hard rock band AC/DC in 1973. The Young brothers were born in Glasgow, Scotland before the family emigrated to Sydney, Australia in the early sixties.

This 2009 footage from the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires shows why AC/DC is the best-selling Australian act of all time.

Rest in peace, Malcolm Young.

~ eden


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10 responses to “Music Monday rings with Hells Bells @acdc

  1. This is one of those great songs to drive to with my windows down in the car. It’s so sad to hear another musician gone.

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  2. Admittedly I wouldn’t have known his name before his passing, simply because the band wasn’t really my taste in music. A young age though for dementia.

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  3. Some mighty fine guitar work. The wheel keeps turning.

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  4. Okay, I guess it will do no good trying to talk you out of ‘liking’ HARD ROCK! But, I’ll try! It’s jarring and ugly!!! Not meant for human consumption!!! PLAY ME A BALLAD!!! Now, sweet young’n, I understand there are different ‘Music Planets’ to be on, and, you mean a lot to me, so, go ahead and like the damned stuff! Hugs and kisses… I’m ‘just saying’ – some people are sure peculiar in their music tastes! Heck, I might as well make this into a short story, novella, or a ‘Gone With The Wind’ epic!
    Now, don’t you be laughing at me, you heah?! xox ♥

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  5. Uh-Oh, I played the music first and didn’t read your RIP line. So sorry! No disrespect intended to Malcom Young – each generation has its musical form to enjoy… Next time, I’ll read the last line. xoxo

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    • Oh Billy Ray … you make me laugh. Yes, I like hard rock on occasion, though I love ballads too. The different genres are not necessarily mutually exclusive, in my opinion. When are you putting out a record of your songs?