Music Monday plays “Jig of Joy” from Return to Jogja #mtagung

Further to my blog about Bali last week, you will know that Mount Agung has since erupted—several times. The latest series of eruptions yesterday sent ash 4,000 metres into the atmosphere.

Ngurah Rai International Airport, located in southern Bali has closed, stranding thousands of travellers. Authorities are considering if they will reopen the airport on Tuesday. Though it must be inconvenient, I cannot feel too much sympathy for the tourists. I was at that airport less than a month ago, and I can think of worse places to be stranded.

I do, however, feel extremely sad for the people of Bali, especially for those who have been displaced, many since the end of September. No doubt, the livelihoods of those who cater to the tourist industry are also in jeopardy. It’s an awful disaster for those who live there.

A dear friend turned me on to an album called Return to Jogja by Sha’aban Yahya. I’ve heard this track from the album before, and I wanted to share it. A “jig of joy” is what I truly feel like doing when I think about Bali and its beautiful people. I can only hope my sense of joy extends to those who are suffering there at this time.

~ eden


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6 responses to “Music Monday plays “Jig of Joy” from Return to Jogja #mtagung

  1. Yes, the activity in the volcano is certainly picking up now.

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  2. I feel bad for the locals whose lives have been disrupted. I’m sure they don’t have any choices or options.

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    • So true Matt. That’s why I have little patience for screaming tourists at airports. It’s a natural disaster, nothing you can do about that but wait it out. I would certainly NOT want to fly if there was any danger.