Music Monday says I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

It’s the holiday season, and whether you observe Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or something else, I hope you’re able to make time to enjoy it.

I celebrate Christmas insofar as it’s a time for family and friends. Hosting a Christmas Eve get-together has become a tradition, but traditions change as people’s plans change over the years.

Initially, we hosted Christmas Eve as a drop-in. Everyone was invited to come by for music, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. They could stay if they liked or use our home as a place to hang out until they had somewhere else to go. Parents with kids usually came early; the late crowd would drop by after midnight. The faces changed over the years, but it was our small way of taking care of any Christmas ‘orphans’ out there.

The year my father-in-law died, we changed the evening to a sit-down dinner for about a dozen people. He’s been gone since 2009. The other day I drank a Manhattan in his memory (his favourite drink).

This past year has seen a lot of personal changes for me, both in my writing life, and otherwise. I always see change as good, difficult as it may be at first. Old habits, old ways of thinking, even old traditions must change with the times.

I heard this Aerosmith song earlier this week. Sure, this is a love song, but the message is good.

Try not to miss a thing and enjoy every moment, for it will surely change,



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10 responses to “Music Monday says I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

  1. A wonderful message this time of year, Eden. Change can be difficult, but when we embrace it, it often comes with great discoveries. Cheers to you, my friend!

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  2. suenador

    What a winter wonderland out there today. We can officially turn our minds to the holidays! Wishing you much joy and more great changes in 2018, Eden! As for Aerosmith, they never change (in a good way!) xo

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  3. Thanks for the sentiment, sweet lady… Hurry up, Spring! xox

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  4. Yes, everything changes. We hold on to gift giving and the warmth of each others’ company to ward off the cold.

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  5. I didn’t like the movie and it’s taken me awhile to separate the movie from the song. Aerosmith is one of those bands that have been around forever. I love your twist on the song.

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