Time to Say Goodbye

I decided to add one more post to my blog before the year ends.

2017 has seen its ups and downs for me.

On the up side, I have my health, definitely something to be thankful for.

The majority of the people I started the year with are still alive and well.

I’ve made wonderful new friendships and strengthened old ones.

On the down side, it’s been a difficult year worldwide. Because I’m a news junkie, I get pulled into the collective angst. From hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to landslides, 2017 has seen some deadly natural disasters. I won’t even mention all the political disasters at home and abroad.

In my writing life, it’s been slow. It’s the first year I did not release a new book since I began writing full time. I’m disappointed, but I am far from defeated. I’m still working on the next two books that will complete the trilogy I started with Stranger at Sunset. Thank you to everyone who has inquired about my writing and offered words of encouragement.

In 2018, I will continue to feature music as a way to inspire my creativity, but I will do so differently than I have in the past.  The first blog for my newly-formatted Music Monday series will go live Jan. 8th.

As I’m taking New Year’s Day off tomorrow, I’m posting a song to end the year instead.

Most of you will remember this piece performed in Italian by Andrea Bocelli called “Con te partirò,” translated as “I Will Go With You.” It was hugely successful when it released in 1995. Bocelli later paired with English soprano, Sarah Brightman and retitled the song “Time to Say Goodbye.” The duet made it an even bigger hit, performing the tune with full orchestral arrangements.

I love the original version, but I discovered a less lively interpretation, which is in keeping with my contemplative mood this time of year.

That this musician’s name is Hope made it an even more serendipitous find.

As with most endings, there is a sense of closure, even sadness. Another year gone by and all that has happened is now history. But though time is finite, endings inevitably lead to new beginnings. And new beginnings hold countless, uncharted possibilities.

My hope is that you look ahead with optimism and an open heart.

The future is ours to create.

Until then, it’s time to say goodbye,



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21 responses to “Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Brian George

    Thanks for that musical reminder Eden. For some weird reason, I had in my head that the song was from “Les Miserables”, probably one of only 2 stage musicals that I like. The intensity of the Andreas Bocelli version is probably why I associate it with Les Mis, also one of my favourite reads odf all time. Anyway, my year has been pretty much like yours by the sound of it. Brexit & Trump seemed to have brought to the fore how nasty some people can be, just when I felt that the world was becoming more accepting to people of all persuasions, the anachronistics fought back! Here’s hoping that 2018 is the year when romantics, writers, artists of all shapes. colours take back normality! Happy New Year, good luck with the books, my 3rd in “The Dream Team” series has also been sidelined this past year, maybe it is the world’s negativity that crushes our instincts. Loving Awareness to all, Brian Byron George. xxxx

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    • Hi Brian, Like you, I hope 2018 is a year filled with more tolerance and acceptance. I thought we had come a long way in building those bridges already. Sadly, we have a long way to go yet.
      Glad we re-connected and wishing you the best in your Dream Team series in the coming year. xox


  2. What a beautiful version of the song. The new year seems full of exciting adventures for you: new book, new blog format, creativity taking different forms. I tend to see the new year as starting in the Spring as nature wakes up from hibernation or in September (years of being a student and teacher, ha!). And yet, I can’t help contemplate on a year’s passing tonight along with everyone else.
    Here’s to a new year of possibilities.

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    • I hope 2018 is a year of happiness and love for you Letizia. Your positive thoughts always make me smile, and I feel privileged to share a small space in the blogosphere with you. Clinking champagne-filled flutes to your health in the new year.
      Big hugs, xox

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  3. Larry Enright

    I hope you have a happy new year, Eden. 🙂

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  4. You, my lovely, are always a bright spot.

    What a lovely version–it’s one of my favorite pieces of music.

    Thank you for all you bring to the table, Eden. Love, light, hope, great music, and even better stories. Much love and best wishes to you for 2018 ❤

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  5. Don’t ever change, Eden. I saw Sarah Brightman live and hadn’t thought about that concert in a long while, so thanks. It’s been a year of setbacks, stunners, acceptance and positive financial turns. I discovered a new writer to envy, James Lee Burke. He’s not new but I’d never read his work before. Pick up Sunset Limited if you haven’t. I’m looking forward to an adventurous 2018. I’m as healthy and fit as I’ve ever been so let’s have at it and no, I won’t be advocating the use of the oxford comma.

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  6. Jason McIntyre

    All my best for 2018, e. Let’s have a chat soon. Your friend, j.

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  7. 2018 is your year, sweet Eden! Enjoy it and keep us inspired! ♥♥♥

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  8. When I first saw the title, I thought you were leaving WordPress. But I’m glad you’re not. I hope 2018 will be a very creative and productive year for you.

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    • Hi Matt, Nah, I’m still here. I hope you will be too. Your writing has been a joy to read this past year, and I look forward to more. Best of creativity to you in 2018 as well. xox


  9. Lisette Brodey

    Great blog, Eden! I really appreciate and relate to all that you had to say. And the news such as it has been, is very difficult to turn away from at times because it impacts not only our lives, but also the survival of this planet. Scary times.

    On a more positive note, I think you know I’m a great fan of your work. I really look forward to your next novel. Stranger at Sunset was an amazing read and I really look forward to more.

    Happy New Year, my friend. Thank you for ALL of your support. I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

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    • Lisette, Thank YOU for all your support, and all you do to help other authors. You are an incredible woman in so many ways, and it’s my privilege to have connected with you. Thank you for your continuing encouragement. xox


  10. Lovely post. Lovely song. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Eden. x

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