My first blog of the year begins with a prayer, but not a religious one.

Instead, it’s a song I’ve been meditating on for the past few weeks. 

I first heard “Benediction” at my yoga studio. It played toward the end of a 75-minute class with Farley, one of the many wonderful instructors at Union Yoga. By the time the song ended, we were ready for the final resting pose. 

As I lay on my back, tears streamed down my face. It was hot yoga; I was already wet and sweaty, so I didn’t care. 

I was as emotionally raw as the music.

As someone who is attuned to lyrics, I tried desperately to remember a short phrase from the song.

Is it war if you fight it?
Is it love when you don’t?
There is more when you let go
Of the fear that you can’t

I made a mental note to Google a line or two when I returned home to find the song title—three successive words would have likely accomplished it, but I couldn’t even retain that. The melody haunted me until I finally asked Farley about it at one of his classes. I relayed to him the quality of the singer’s voice and the gut-wrenching lyrics I could not remember.

Not much to go on, but we were optimistic the mystery would be solved by the end of his class … unfortunately not.

He must’ve changed the soundtrack that day.

As we burn in the fire
Slowly learning to breathe
Just keep calm in the falling
Always looking for an underneath

Just before the end of 2017, Farley kindly sent me his playlist as I had requested. Of the fourteen songs he provided, “Benediction” by Luke Sital-Singh was the last one I played, even though it was not the last one on the list.


Because all along, I was convinced it was a female voice I heard. I could not be more wrong.

It just goes to show the power of an intense yoga class to alter my senses!

This brings me to the new purpose for my music blogs this year. They will continue to showcase good tunes, but there will be an added objective—to highlight the connection of the song to my upcoming books, more specifically, to its main character Kate Hampton. I will also include passages of lyrics if they are meaningful to her story.

Imagine it’s a warning sign
I don’t wanna lose more time
Darling, don’t you close your eyes
Keep listening – are you listening?
I’m sorry we don’t have forever
Ooh… but come die with me

A Fragile Truce is book two in my trilogy which started with Stranger at Sunset. It’s the book I’ve been working on for some time.

Whether you’ve read Stranger at Sunset or not, you will acquire insight into Kate Hampton’s character by following my music blogs. Close friends and authors whom I trust know I’ve struggled with her story for various reasons. My song choices hint at her life because they bring me closer to her.

Some writers of fiction will relate to this strange relationship with their main characters. Though Kate is the product of my imagination, she lives inside my head and needs nurturing. She may embody the best qualities of a woman—sexy, intelligent, strong, and compassionate, but … she is also tragic, unpredictable, and duplicitous.

My Music Monday posts will focus on specific aspects of Kate, and you can find these clues in the lyrics, the song’s mood, or even by watching the video. They are all inspiring me to write her story.

I’ve already chosen the soundtrack for the entire year, so I hope you will join me in this writing journey.

In the meantime, close your eyes and listen to “Benediction.”

Perhaps you will shed a tear as well.



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19 responses to “Benediction

  1. Okay, I’ve played this video 3 times now, guess I gotta go to bed . . .

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  2. Brian George

    That was quite a moving piece. One word can change a whole song though, in my head I kept changing “come die with me” to “come dine with me” and that change just made me giggle. Maybe that is a symbol of the mental state I’m in at the moment. Need laughter I guess. He has a sort of Randy Newman quality about him.
    I understand entirely where you are with your character Eden. We get to love our characters sometimes too much. I think sometimes that I am the protagonist, but then for the heroine’s in my books I use a physical memory of someone I know but imbue them with characteristics at the extreme of their real persona or someone elses. There are characters based on people I know intimately and others that I’ve made up entirely from my head, but then I go looking for a real person’s body to put them in. Does that make sense?

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    • Happy new year Brian, hope you had a great holiday. It is an extremely moving song, and I’m sure many people will be able to relate.
      I agree we write ourselves into our books on many an occasion, but it’s harder to imbue our characters with features we don’t like. Despite this, it’s necessary to nurture characters to behave in a way that might be contrary to our own behaviours. Ultimately, they are there to serve the story, not us.

      The important thing is staying true to who we are when we are not in our fictional worlds.

      I understand what you mean about merging your fictional character into a real person’s body. As writers, I think it’s natural to view people around us (friends, acquaintances, family, strangers) as fodder for our books. We take bits and pieces from different people and mash them into an imaginary person. It’s all part of the fun. 😉

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  3. suenador

    It’s funny how memory works. I’m sure it would have forever haunted you if you hadn’t found the song. It’s beautiful and what a nice Music Monday entree into 2018. And, impressive (why am I not surprised?) that you have already thought through your entire soundtrack for the year….I’m looking forward to another year of great listening and wise words, Eden! xo

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    • Hi Sue, welcome to my blog 2018! I am like a dog with a bone when I need to find a song. It’s one of the few times I will take out my cell phone in a restaurant — to “Shamzam” a tune to get the name!
      Look forward to your blog this coming year as well. xox

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  4. This is a beautiful and touching first blog of 2018, Eden. I’ve listened to the song many times since you first brought it to my attention and I agree with you–it’s beautiful and haunting. As you know, I haven’t read anything outside my field in ages and won’t/can’t until I’m finished this project. Starting your trilogy on vacation is my plan 😉 ! xoxo

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  5. I join the chorus, dear lady – Beautiful – Haunting – Sad!
    As for you, stop crying and finish A FRAGILE TRUCE! Aw, just kidding – cry all you want: cleans out the system! xo ♥

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  6. Thanks for sharing it! Happy New Year.

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  7. I like the song. I’ll have to remember this one. It’s interesting how we come across new songs.

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  8. Goodness, how beautiful.

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