My website http://www.edenbayleebooks.com has closed its virtual doors. The domain name is one I purchased for a site that showcased my books. It was primarily a static website.

My main activity has always been on this WordPress blog, which I opened in November 2010.

And though Wordpress.Com and I have had a good relationship all these years, it’s time to move on.

I won’t go into the details of all the changes I’ve been making over the past weeks, but the impetus for them has to do with updating the look of my site and giving me more control over the content. After much research into the two platforms, I decided to move from the free WordPress.com to the self-hosted WordPress.org.

Though I could have given my log-in and password to WordPress Support to make the transfer for me, I elected to tackle the job myself after reading all the tutorials. It sounded straightforward.

The backend of this blog may look like a swamp of codes and links and tags, but I was used to it after seven years of  blogging.

How hard could it be?

So … let me tell you—five days of cursing and sleepless nights later, I moved over all the information!

I won’t say it was difficult, but easy—it was not! Nor was it intuitive. It’s never as simple as they make it out to be in the tutorials. This is what happens when you are a “do-it-yourself” type of person. The good thing is I learned a lot about the finicky process, so if you ever decide to embark on the same type of data migration, I’m more than happy to share my tips if you run into similar issues.

If you visit this blog regularly, please continue to do so. I will try to make the transition as seamless as possible. Most of the work involves archiving and amalgamating information on the backend. It should not affect how you access my blog or what you see on the frontend, however … where technology is concerned, things may go wonky. (Don’t you love my sophisticated tech speak?). 😉

If you notice something odd/missing/broken in the next couple of weeks, it’s probably due to something I’ve done. It should be fixed before my new site goes live.

Moving forward, please continue to find me at: edenbaylee.com which I have mapped to this blog while I’m building the new site.

When the new website is up, this blog will revert to its original name of http://www.edenbaylee.wordpress.com and eventually close.

As always, thank you for stopping by. It gives me great pleasure to know you’re reading my words. Hopefully, the new site will look even more inviting. I aim to have it up by early February.









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20 responses to “EDEN BAYLEE BOOKS is no more

  1. Erin F

    You are a very brave person.

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    • Oh Erin, thanks for that, but I’m more like a dog with a bone. I hate to feel like I can’t do something once I’ve started it. It is a great feeling of accomplishment though once it’s done. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. xo


  2. That sounds like a lot of work. It must be difficult balancing all your writing activities and this migration.

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    • Hi Matt, yes, it’s all part of the total package. I need a better platform to showcase my writing, books, etc, so I had to get it done. I had procrastinated for far too long, but now I finally see the light at the end of the WordPress.org tunnel!


  3. Wow so much work!! Will look forward to seeing you soon ❤

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  4. MaryAnn Forbes

    You are a woman of patience and strength; I love your “I can do it” attitude. I look forward to continuing to follow your blog- wherever it is.
    Take care my friend.

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  5. Ha! You’re braver than me. I wouldn’t try that on my own. I’m sure I’d lose everything or I’d lose too much sleep. Good on you for continuing the Eden Baylee Campaign to Take Over the World. Haven’t talked in ages but I’ll always be one of your fans.

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    • Oh wow, Rob, it has been MUCH too long. I just hopped over to your site and I certainly hope you are back to good health. You are a kind man, and I miss seeing you around. Your words mean a lot. Thank you. xox


  6. You’re amazing, an inspiration and example for others. ❤

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  7. Anonymous

    Gutsy job girlfriend, and well done!

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  8. As long as I can still find you I’m a happy camper!

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  9. That does sound like a lot of work!

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  10. Good luck, Eden. I moved to WordPress.org a while back but eventually decided to keep the blog on WordPress.com as well as people kept finding it there (of course, blogs on WordPress.org don’t appear on the WordPress reader), and use it for reblogs (that are not possible from WordPress.org). But although using jetpack some of the content transferred automatically, other didn’t. I am not very technically minded, so I’m sure you’ll manage much better.
    All the best.

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    • Hi Olga, Agree I won’t do a shut down of the WPcom site until I know it’s working smoothly with the new site. I know I don’t want to manage 2 different sites as it would be a time killer, so whatever happens, I have to move over to just one. Yes, ORG does not appear on Reader which is a shame, but hopefully I can migrate those readers over via a 301 redirect. You can use PRESS THIS in ORG, instead of the Reblog and it should provide a similar experience. I’m not super techie, but I learn along the way, as I’m sure you have as well! Hope you’re doing well, always nice to see you. xo