Guest Blogs

I’ve written guest blogs on various topics from the craft of writing to erotica to Jamaica, and other subjects. Many were written for my Authors’ Collective—Black Ink, White Paper (BIWP).

Blogs written specifically for promotion of my books are not included but accessible here. Hope you enjoy!

July 30, 2016: The Relevance of Sex in Literature in 2016 for S. Burke

Oct 26, 2015: Praise for the Novella for Shelf Pleasure

Oct 12, 2015: Three Tips for Writing Memorable Characters for Bestselling Reads

July 7, 2015: The Life Enthusiast Chronicles for Britt Skrabanek

Aug 13, 2014: Plotting for Pantsers for Ingrid Hall

Aug 12, 2014: Does Sex Belong in a Mystery Novel? for Casey Sheridan

July 28, 2104: Crossing Genres for Lisette Brodey

July 8, 2014: First Impressions for Junying Kirk

Aug 4, 2013: Erotica and Horror for Draven Ames

May 21, 2013: Just Another Cancer Story for Rachel Thompson

Feb 20, 2013: My Grandfather’s Gift for Jason Bourne

Feb 10, 2013: HIS and HER Gifts for Valentine’s Day for Casey Ryan

Feb 5, 2013: Intolerant Attitudes about Erotica for Patti Larsen

Feb 2, 2013: Canadian Author Warns Against for Good e-Reader

Jan 23, 2013: Golden Clouds ~ JAMAICA for In Classic Style Magazine

Dec 26, 2012: Thank You BIWP for BIWP

Nov 28, 2012: Why I Won’t Follow Users of TrueTwit for BIWP

Oct 31, 2012: Crazy Jewelry for BIWP

Oct 3, 2012: What do you Know for BIWP

Sep 5, 2012: Dung – A Comfort Food for BIWP

Aug 8, 2012: MorgueFile and Other Free Photo Sites for BIWP

July 29, 2012: Erotica and Publishing After Fifty Shades of Grey for Good e-Reader

July 11, 2012: Pin me to Pinterest—For Now for BIWP

July 11, 2012: Write What You Know for R.B. Wood

June 19, 2012: I’m Damn Boring!!! Read Me Anyway!!! for BIWP

May 22, 2012: May 24 Includes a Trip to the Dump for BIWP

April 24, 2012: The Opening Lines for BIWP

April 19, 2012: Top 10 favorite albums that help me create for In Classic Style

Mar 27, 2012: Raising Funds and Raising Hope for BIWP

Feb 28, 2012: Fukui and the Spotted Dick for BIWP

Jan 31, 2012: Rude Behaviour on Twitter for BIWP

Dec 6, 2011: Polite Canadians Make for Boring Car Chases for BIWP

Nov 22, 2011: Year One and Blog Awards for BIWP

Oct 25, 2011: Stalking the Rude Cell Phone User for BIWP

Sept 27, 2011: How Twitter Improved my Sex Life for BIWP

Aug 30, 2011: Getting Pierced the Old-Fashioned Way for BIWP

Aug 2, 2011: To Follow or not to Follow for BIWP

July 19, 2011: Canada Promotes Physical Encouragement for Workers for Height of Eye (satire)

July 14, 2011: A Few of my Favorite Things for BIWP

July 11, 2011: The Relevance of Sex in Literature in 2011 for Suzannah Burke

May 5, 2011: Beta-reading is More Than Babysitting for India Drummond

Mar 22, 2011: How I Published my First Book of Erotica for Adriana Kraft

Feb 9, 2011: Anatomy of a Book Launch for Lisa Fox

Feb 3, 2011: Are Rabbits Erotic? for Lucy Felthouse

Jan 28, 2011: Erotica and the Sexes for The Feckless Goblin