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“… Ms. Baylee has the magic to describe the sex act with such subtleties that she leaves the reader wanting more…”

Efrain Nadal De Choudens


“… so much more than your typical erotic story. Each of the stories are beautifully written and has a mixture of romance and passion that draws the reader into each of the women’s journey.”

Kathleen Higgins-Anderson from Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews


“… The writing is polished and clever, details show an attention to scene and emotion, and the stories read beautifully.”

Gaele from The Jeep Diva


“… If you’ve been wanting to try erotica, but have been holding back for whatever reason, Eden Baylee is the place to start!”

Wendy Hines from Minding Spot


“… Spring into Summer was a great read and I recommend it to romance lovers who aren’t afraid to let Baylee access their more raw side.”

Diantha Jones, a reviewer for the Masquerade Crew


“I really wanted to like Spring into Summer, the blurb was beautiful and the stories seemed interesting at first glance. So why didn’t I like it? …”

Niina C from For the Love of Reading


“… This book was an exceptionally good read … Hats off to Eden for a wondrous tales from the heart type of book!!”

Nikki from Close Encounters with the Night Kind


“… Baylee is not simply writing sex … she combines literature and erotica in a way that is both believable and charming with characters that earn our respect and hearts.”

Loren Kleinman for Indie Reader


“… I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a hot romance. “

Book Junkie


“… Be it a poetry professor in England or masseuse in Thailand, Eden is able to conjure up individuals that you could easily see yourself welcoming into your own home.”

Casey Ryan from The Cutting Room Floor


“… marked by clever writing and  deeply human characters who are easy to relate to … transcends the label of its genre even while you realize just how steeped in Erotica it is.”

Author of The Last DanceWyatt McIntyre

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