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Read a guest blog by @CaseSheridan for #NationalFeralCatDay

I’m always happy to support good causes, especially if it’s near and dear to the heart of one of my favorite people. Author, Casey Sheridan and I have been friends since I started writing, and she is an animal lover.

I have great respect for those who care for animals. If you want to learn more about National Feral Cat Day, please read Casey’s blog, which includes pictures of some of her cats. Casey is an incredibly generous and supportive author as you will find out from her post.

* * *

national feral cat day

I asked Eden if I could guest post on her blog to help me get the word out about my month long celebration of National Feral Cat Day (I’m donating my book royalties for the month) – it’s officially on October 16th, and this year I thought it was high-time I put my money where my mouth is, or however that saying goes, since I love animals and have always wanted to do something for them.

One of the many things I’ve learned from having cats, or one specific cat anyway, has to do with a tablecloth. Hence, my post…

The Mysteriously Messy Tablecloth

A few years ago, I had an antique dining room table with eight chairs. It was big, heavy, and old. I loved it. It sat in someone’s barn for years before I got a hold of it and cleaned it up, and believe me, it needed it. I did what I could, but the cherry veneer top couldn’t be fixed. At least, not by me and my limited knowledge. It was a beautiful piece of furniture except for the top of the table.

Anyway, to hide the damage I put two tablecloths on it, a fancy lace one over a mauve-colored one. The effect reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner at my step-great grandmother’s house. It was quite elegant, especially with the vase of flowers I put in the center. My place was starting to feel like a home.

The next day when I came home from work, I found both tablecloths were hanging off one edge of the table, the vase of flowers teetering on the edge the only thing keeping the cloths from being completely on the floor.

How the hell did this happen?

I straightened everything out, went about the rest of my evening with no troubles, and eventually went to bed.

The next morning, both tablecloths were messed up. They were still on the table, but it looked as if someone had balled them up and left them sitting on the tabletop, the vase of flowers was broken on the floor, water and petals everywhere. WTH?

Cat 1

Mommy Cat

I cleaned up the mess, straightened the cloths and took myself off to work, and, again, on my return home, the tablecloths were hanging off the edge. I looked under the table and found my little black cat, My Sweet Baby (Sweet Baby), curled up asleep in the section of cloth that hit the floor.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Duh, Casey! There’s your culprit. How obvious does it have to be? Not much of a mystery, is it?”

Um, no. You see, there were two other suspects in the house at that time – Pork Chop and Kitty Witty. Both of them had reputations for destruction, especially Kitty Witty. Besides, there was a reason Sweet Baby was named MY SWEET BABY – she was sweet and quiet and never did a bad thing. Ever. I raised her from a kitten, so I knew her well.

This tablecloth fiasco went on for a few more days. Everyday those tablecloths were bunched up, messed up, on the floor, you name it. I never caught Pork Chop or Kitty Witty in the act!



One would think I’d just leave the damn tablecloths off, but no! It was the principle of the thing! I was determined to catch one of them in the act of messing up my stuff.

My day off rolled around and I spent the morning cleaning and, of course, straightening the damn tablecloths (bloody ell). After that, I put a chair out of sight, so I could begin my stakeout.

I sat, watched, and waited. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for too long.

My Sweet Baby ran into the room, took a flying leap onto the table and proceeded to slide across it taking half the tablecloth with her. With her ears back and a crazy look in her eye, she flicked her tail twice and soared off the table and bolted down the hallway.

Tiger, Dolly & Daisy

Tiger, Dolly & Daisy

There was a bit of a ruckus in the back before Sweet Baby charged back into the room, ran around the table before she stopped. She stood on her hind legs and reached up with her front paws, digging her claws into the fabric to pull the table cloth the rest of the way down to the floor where she then proceeded to tackle it, and beat it up by kicking it with her hind legs.

I walked into the room and she gave me a wild-eyed look before dashing off to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Pork Chop and Kitty Witty, in the meantime, were curled up sleeping on the sofa during all the commotion.

You think you know someone and this happens.

So much for never doing a bad thing. Ever. =^. .^=

* * *

Thank you for stopping by to read my post! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Mysteriously Messy Tablecloth is part of my #NationalFeralCatDay celebration. I’d like to encourage you to learn about feral cats, outdoor cats, how to care for them, and all the many ways you can help by visiting Alley Cat Allies website http://www.alleycat.org

If you’d like to take part in the festivities of Nation Feral Cat Day in your community (U.S. and International) this October 16th, visit http://www.nationalferalcatday.org

Also, when you purchase any of my books during the month of October (1st through the 31st, 2015), I will donate all my royalties to Alley Cat Allies. Let’s help kitties live happy, healthy lives. You can find my books at http://bit.ly/AmznProfile

Thanks again, Eden, for the use of your blog. Sorry about all the cat hair.


Connect to Casey

casey sheridan picture

Like most authors, Casey Sheridan began writing when she was very young. It was later in life when she read her first piece of erotica and it was on a dare that she wrote her first erotic story.

Casey enjoys writing erotic, fun, and romantic fiction.

An introvert and lover of chocolate, Casey is happiest when writing. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. She loves animals and volunteers to care for local feral/outdoor kitty pals.

To be kept up-to-date on Casey’s latest author news and releases, you can add your name to her mailing list: http://eepurl.com/bacS9D

Find her on the Web at:
Website: http://www.Casey-Sheridan.com
Blog: http://CaseSheridan.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CaseySheridanAuthor
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CaseSheridan
Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmznProfile
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/SmwrdsProfile


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Does Sex Belong in a Mystery Novel? ~ Guest blog for @casesheridan

casey sheridan 3

Today, I am thrilled to guest blog for the amazing Casey Sheridan.

I’ve known Casey since the end of 2010. She’s one of the first erotica author I ever connected to, and we’ve seen each other through a lot. Casey is a wonderful friend and supporter to many indies. I highly urge you to check out her books.

Read Does Sex Belong in a Mystery Novel? on Casey’s blog and find out how it ties into my latest book.

 * * * *

Find out more about Casey by following her links below.

Website | Blog | Twitter @casesheridan

 Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Release Day for THE EROTIC BATH by Casey Sheridan (@CaseSheridan)

One of my favorite people, and the first erotica author I connected with when I started writing is the lovely Casey Sheridan. I am thrilled to announce she releases The Erotic Bath today. I picked up my copy this morning!

Please join me in congratulating Casey on her latest release.

* * * *

The erotic bath

 Buy from Amazon worldwide in ebook

Wesley can’t believe his eyes when three beautiful women mysteriously appear from the steam in the bath. And all three women want him.

It’s Wesley’s birthday and he’s looking forward to a relaxing soak in a hot bath when three beautiful women mysteriously appear and all three want him.

Are Cinnamon, Sunshine, and Hazel the best birthday gifts ever? Or is Wesley’s imagination running overtime?

* * * *

Click on a title to Casey’s backlist and pick one up!

ruby red metallicthe corporate spyScreen shot 2014-07-30 at 11.29.54 PMScreen shot 2014-07-30 at 11.29.31 PM


Find Casey at all her virtual homes

casey sheridan 3

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter @casesheridan
Pinterest | Amazon | Goodreads | Authorgraph

Casey Sheridan writes sensual erotic fiction. Like most authors, Casey began writing when she was very young. It was later in life when she read her first piece of erotica and it was on a dare that she wrote her first erotic story.

Her erotica is sensual and fun with unique story lines.

Casey’s books are available through Breathless Press, Amazon, and All Romance eBooks. Her short fiction is published on various erotic web­sites such as The Erotic Woman, Every night Erotica, RSVP-Erotica.

Her title, Ruby Red Metallic is an EPIC eBook Awards 2012 Finalist.

An introvert by nature, Casey enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and reading when not writing. She loves animals and volunteers time to care for a local feral/outside cat colony.


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NEW Release by @CaseSheridan ~ Sirus Bandai – The Invisible Bandit

Casey was originally interviewed for Inside the Author’s Mind – December 17, 2010. She’s one of the first people I connected to when I started writing, and she’s also one of the sweetest women you’d want to meet. I am always thrilled to offer her space on my blog.

Please welcome the beautiful and gracious, Casey Sheridan and learn more about her fascinating new book, Sirus Bandai – The Invisible Bandit.

*    *    *    *

I want to start by thanking Eden for allowing me to be a guest on her blog. Eden is not only a talented author, but she’s the nicest, most giving person out there. She has many friends, followers, and admirers. I’m honored to be here.

Thank you, Eden.


[Eden] Always my pleasure to have you here, Casey.

Buy links

Print | Smashwords | Amazon US | Amason UK | B&N | ARe  

Read what Casey says about “Cross-dressing Reality”

I write fiction. I write fiction in the form of erotica and erotic romance.

Hey! I saw that! You rolled your eyes at me. Erotica and erotic romance are fiction. Trust me on this.  😉

They consist of fictitious characters, lives, etc. They are stories of the imagination, therefore, fiction. Sometimes these stories, and/or the characters, are based on reality, real people.

I know from stalking following Eden, she has been asked many times if her characters are based on real people in her life. Like Eden, I draw on the traits of people I know and incorporate those traits into my characters.

In my latest release, the character of Blue Gill is a cross-dressing thief. I don’t know anyone that’s a cross-dresser, or a thief, and I certainly don’t know a cross-dressing thief, but Blue Gill is based, loosely, on someone I know, a real person.

This person isn’t a cross-dresser, but I can see him doing so as a joke. And no, he’s not a thief either. 🙂

Here’s a small excerpt from Sirus Bandai—The Invisible Bandit with Blue Gill my cross-dressing thief.

It was hard to believe how swiftly this person moved in four-inch heels—especially since it was a man. He dodged Ciara’s attempts to take back her necklace with the ease of a basketball player dribbling a ball down an open court.

“You might as well just give it back. You’re not leaving here with it,” Ciara warned through clenched teeth.

“We shall see,” he countered in his odd singsong voice. “I so love pearls.”

Ciara ground her teeth. She should have known something was wrong when the guy entered her small shop. How was she to know that the hairy little man in the white sequined tube top, shiny blue hot pants, and high heels was a thief?

Yes, the person I know would dress just like that for a joke. In my mind, I can see him as clearly as I see these words.

Although you may not know the person, I hope that when you read Sirus Bandai, Blue Gill will be as real to you as he is to me and you see him as clearly as I do.

Book blurb

Ciara Walker is torn between two men.

With sexy superhero, Ace of Spades, Ciara soon learns that dating a superhero isn’t easy, no matter how hot he looks in, or out of, black spandex. Besides, Ace misses more dates than he keeps.

There’s also seductive billionaire, Moose Hannigan whose good looks would capture the attention of any woman. But he’s also suspected of being an underground crime lord.

Can Ciara choose between them? She may not have to if erotic Sirus Bandai, the Invisible Bandit, has her way. After all, what Sirus wants, Sirus gets.

* * * *

Congratulations, Casey on your new release! Readers, please find out more about this wonderful author and follow Casey on all her networks.

Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Sirus Bandai – The Invisible Bandit! 

* * * *

Connect with Casey

Casey Sheridan wrote her first erotic story on a dare, and she loved writing it so much she never stopped. Her erotica and erotic romance has been published by Breathless Press and Cobblestone Press, and has appeared on The Erotic Woman, Every Night Erotica and RSVP-Erotica.

She loves to read and write, could spend all day in a book story, art museum, or chocolate shop. She also enjoys music, watching movies, and cooking.

Casey lives with her crazy, but lovable, orange tabby cat.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter @casesheridan | About.me


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A Season for Erotic Mystery

Two guest blogs are posted today for my new book,  Spring into Summer, hosted by two wonderful erotica authors. The blogs pertain to the first two stories of my book.

Lucy Felthouse was one of the first authors to interview me, and we’ve remained friends ever since.  She’s a powerhouse author and marketer, and she runs the site – Erotica for All.

Today she’s hosting my blog called: A Season for Everything

* * * *

Casey Sheridan was the very first erotica author I connected with when I started writing. She’s been a friend, confidante, and source of support ever since.

Read my post on her site entitled: Unlocking the Mystery

* * * *

Get to know Casey and Lucy—they’re excellent authors and wonderful people for your Twitter stream.

Casey Sheridan @casesheridan

Lucy Felthouse @cw1985

Erotica for All @eroticaforall

* * * *

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