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An Erotic Dolly Bird Does Not Repeat Itself

Two guest blogs are posted for my new book,  Spring into Summer, hosted by two excellent writers who are also editors.

Multi-published author Nya Rawlyns, originally interviewed last year is a cool woman who writes in multiple genres, including erotica.

Please hop over and read: Good Erotica Does Not Repeat Itself

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The delightful Loren Kleinman, owner of LK Editorial is a real spark and a wonderful source of inspiration. She hosted me a few days ago with a piece I wrote called:

There Is a Dolly Bird in Spring

If you don’t know what a dolly bird is, read and find out.

Get to know Loren and Nya and follow them. They’re wonderful people for your social network.

LK Editorial @LK_Editorial

 Nya Rawlyns  @nya_rawlyns
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