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Roll-Her Dervish~A new film by the incredible @BethofBamNorth

Filmmaker Beth Mairs of BAM North Productions is a dear friend, and I’m thrilled to be involved with her newest project, a film called Roll-Her Dervish. She has an IndieGoGo campaign for it now after following around the subjects of the film for over a year.

A trailer and all the details can be found on the site. As part of International Woman’s Day, Indiegogo is generously contributing an extra dollar for every $25 raised by this campaign, so please give what you can. It’s a great opportunity to see your money work even harder for you.

Find out more about Roll-Her Dervish on the Indiegogo page.

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Connect to BAM North Productions

bam north productions

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @BethofBAMNorth

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WIN 2 tickets for Toronto screening of AWAITING ATWOOD by @BethofBamNorth

UPDATE Nov 18th 12:45 PMThe winner is Betsy Purvis! Thanks again to everyone for commenting. Tickets are still available for sale from 5PM today.

UPDATE Nov 18th 12:16 PM: The winner’s name has been drawn using random.org, and I will apprise shortly once the prize has been accepted.


Per a previous post, Awaiting Atwood, a film I had the pleasure to be involved with is screening in Toronto, Monday, November 18, 7 PM at the Carlton.

Filmmaker Beth Mairs of BAM North Productions is generously offering TWO FREE TICKETS to readers of my blog! (Tickets are available for sale at the theatre 2 hours before the screening).

To win, answer this question in the comments. Make sure you include a valid email address.

Which one of Margaret Atwood’s books was published in 1969, coinciding with the rise of the women’s movement in North America?

a) The Edible Woman

b) The Handmaid’s Tale

c) The Year of the Flood

~ I will draw for the winner by Nov. 18th, NOON and advise on how to pick up the tickets. ~

*  *  *  *

Check out the trailer. I have a tiny part in this film playing the Junior Cop.

Connect to BAM North Productions

bam north productions

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @BethofBAMNorth

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Attend the Premiere Screenings of AWAITING ATWOOD ~ a film by @BethofBamNorth

Awaiting Atwood, a film I had the pleasure to be involved with is screening this month! Wheee!

The movie is directed by Beth Mairs of BAM North Productions, who stars in it with her wife, Betty Ann McPherson. I was honoured to donate my books as a perk for the successful Indiegogo campaign.


Two washed-up, middle-aged adventuresses are under the delusion literary icon Margaret Atwood has invited them to stay with her in downtown Toronto. Having nothing better to do for the summer, they turn this into a full-on adventure traveling by bike and canoe from Sudbury to land on Ms. Atwood’s front lawn. En route, they experience a series of misadventures, encountering themes and images from several of Atwood’s best-loved novels.

* * * *

Check out the film trailer. I have a tiny part in this film. Can you spot me? 😉

Three Screenings in November!

WORLD PREMIERE in SUDBURY! ~ Thursday, Nov. 14th at 8pm at Vale Cavern, Science North. Margaret Atwood will be present! ~ Facebook event page

margaret atwood

SUDBURY ~ Friday, Nov. 22nd at 7:30pm at (old) Rainbow Cinemas. Female Eye Film Festival in Sudbury Opening Night –  Tickets are $25 . ~ Facebook event page

TORONTO ~ Monday, Nov. 18th at 7pm Carlton Cinema. (on Margaret Atwood’s actual birthday!) Tickets are $10 with an after-party next door. ~ Facebook event page. I hope to see you there!

Connect to BAM North Productions

bam north productions

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @BethofBAMNorth

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Get Inside the Mind of John T. Trigonis (@Trigonis)

I’m very excited to interview the multi-talented John T. Trigonis. He was referred to me by friend and indie film supporter, Marcella Selbach, whom I had the pleasure to speak with last year. Marcella could not say enough good things about John, and now I know why.

He’s a poet, author, filmmaker, and the list goes on and on! Find out more about John’s philosophy on life, his thoughts on Taoism, and what he’s learned about crowd fundraising.

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Allegories of the Tarot via @netta50

My wonderful friend, Annetta Ribken, who also happens to be an author and my editor has outdone herself!

She’s rounded up twenty-two amazing writers for a one-of-a-kind project. Twenty-two of us, can you imagine? And she did it in just a little over a day! I was thrilled to be invited as part of this esteemed group.

Look at her, would you ever dare to refuse this woman?

Annetta with glasses

Each of us will write a story based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. There will be a range of genres, styles, and voices. You may know some of these writers or have read their work.

The reality of many joint ventures for writers is they never come to fruition unless there is a plan in place from beginning to end. Let me tell you, Annetta has covered all bases. In less than a week of my acceptance to be part of this project, she’s put together an IndieGoGo campaign to get it off the ground. Wow!

Go on, click the image and view the incredible video!

allegories of the tarot

Annetta is unwavering when it comes to work ethic, forging alliances, and honoring her commitments. This is a HUGE project, one she’s passionate about, and now she’s lit a fire under everyone’s ass, and trust me, I’m feeling the heat—but in a good way!

I’m excited to be writing with friends—old and new, and can’t wait to share my story with you.

Check out the project on IndieGoGo.

Watch the video.

Connect to all the authors involved.

Make a contribution and receive excellent perks in return.

If you can’t donate monetarily, please share the campaign with your network.

The more who know about it, the better.

We have sixty days to collect $5000. Every penny will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Oh … as for my Tarot card of choice, it’s “The Lovers.”

Was there ever a doubt?

Photo by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Photo by Kris Austen Radcliffe


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