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What a Party it Was! #IndiesUnite4Joshua on @Spreecast

The party to celebrate the wonderful people who’ve been part of the Indies Unite for Joshua fundraiser happened last night, and it was a huge success.

Maxwell Cynn and I were joined by so many supportive friends, and the amazing Lorca Damon, who produced the show wrote about it on her blog. It’s a hilarious postso don’t miss it!

If you were unable to attend the party and want to see the fun, please check it out HERE.

Donations are being accepted for Indies Unite for Joshua until May 30th, and we are just $300 from our $10K goal.

Your continued help with spreading the word will get us there.



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The Lowdown on #IndiesUnite4Joshua with 11 Days Left


The  goal is $10,000. We need $1346.

The fundraiser will END 11:59 PM PST – May 30th. That’s:

~ 1:59 AM CST – May 31st

~ 2:59 AM EST – May 31st

We’ve been going strong for almost 4 months.

Thousands have shared the campaign on all their social networks.

We’ve had people donate once, twice, multiple times—amounts ranging from $1 to $500.

This has all been to help Joshua Moore, the 21-year-old son of independent author, Maxwell Cynn. Joshua has leukemia and needs help to continue his treatments. By making a donation of ANY AMOUNT, you are:

~ changing Joshua’s life by giving him a fighting chance

~ helping a fellow author and human being

~ supporting a cause that has connected people from over the world

Max will appear on video tomorrow on IndieGoGo with his message to everyone who’s supported his son. I thought it timely to share Max’s original post which started the campaign. It reminds me of how far we’ve come.

My deepest respect and appreciation to all,



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“Cancer – My Story”

You can also hear me read this story on:

Episode #23 of The Word Count podcast. The theme for this podcast is “Beating the Odds.”

This is a special Word Count Podcast dedicated to Joshua Moore, son of friend and author Maxwell Cynn. Joshua is currently fighting leukemia, and the community of authors, filmmakers, and artists have rallied to raise at least $10,000 to help the family with medical expenses. Numerous people are on board helping with the fundraiser by donating their books, services, and time.
This podcast is an example of R.B. Wood’s generosity in using his excellent show to promote the cause.

Please donate what you can at IndieGoGo: Indies Unite for Joshuaand help us spread the word.

Sincerest thanks,

*  *  *  *

Mine is but one of millions of stories about cancer. It is neither more nor less significant than any other story from a survivor or someone who’s been touched by the disease. I don’t usually share it publicly for a few reasons. Firstly, the word “survivor” carries an undertone of achievement. Metaphorically, it’s as if surviving cancer elevates one to a different status as a human being. I’m not comfortable with that, but it’s clearly my issue. I don’t downplay cancer as a formidable opponent, however, it was never an option for me not to survive. Secondly, cancer does not define me even though it was a large part of my life. Lastly, I am now cancer free and have been for almost twelve years. It’s in the past—and as with most things of my past, I’ve made my peace with it and moved on.

I share my story on a personal basis with those who are going through cancer treatment, and I do it because survivors shared their stories with me when I needed it most. I felt empowered by people who had endured so much—multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and countless other treatments and then went on to live their lives fearlessly. For this reason, for Joshua and his family, and in support of R.B. Wood’s special Word Count Podcast, here’s my story.

* * * *

The specialist ignored my request to do a core biopsy. Instead, he did a fine needle aspiration to test for malignancy of the lump I’d found on my breast. It was a test I knew carried a high percentage of inaccuracy. I’d done my homework before I went to see him.

“Look,” he said, annoyed with my questioning him. “I can tell you right now you don’t have cancer. You have no family history of it, you’re Asian, and you’re too young.” His voice was authoritative and dismissive, implying he was doing me a favor by even performing any test. It was obvious to me that I was nothing more to him than a body part to examine. After all, he was the specialist with letters behind his name, and I was just a scared woman who knew my body. Though I considered him a heartless bastard whose practice had long outlasted his compassion, I was relieved when my test results came back showing I didn’t have cancer.

When my lump continued to grow over the next few weeks, I returned to my general practitioner and asked for a referral to a different specialist. I wanted a second opinion.

I got a young female doctor this time. She confirmed that fine needle biopsies carried a high degree of error and recommended I have surgery to remove the lump. Given its aggressive growth, she didn’t want to waste time doing additional tests. I walked out of her office slightly nervous, but relieved that I’d made the decision to have surgery. The thought of a scar didn’t appeal to me, but hell, having a third boob wasn’t going to be any more attractive.

 * * * *

On the day of my surgery, my best friend, Mae, drove me to the hospital early in the morning. Everything went off as scheduled, and after the anesthesia wore off, I was moved to a private waiting room where my girlfriend was waiting. We laughed and chatted about where to go for lunch. I was starving!

The nurse who had prepped me for surgery came in with the doctor carrying some pamphlets—post-surgical care instructions, I thought, but no … they contained information about breast cancer—which I had.

The only thing I remembered hearing was the word “cancer,” and then my girlfriend’s quick intake of breath before she started crying.

It was surreal as I watched the doctor mouthing words “Cancer … metastasis … more surgery … oncology …” and other medical terms I’d never heard of at the time.

Finally, at the end of it, the nurse handed me the pamphlets and asked if I had any questions. Sure I did, I had plenty. But my friend was sobbing, and I couldn’t think straight. The questions would have to wait.

Don’t ever underestimate a hungry woman who’s just been told she has cancer, or her best friend who’s quite reserved until she gets behind the wheel. That day, we hit a hundred in a sixty-kilometer zone, barreling down one of the city’s main arteries in search of comfort food.

“I dare a cop to stop me,” Mae yelled at the top of her lungs. “I’m going to tell him you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, and I don’t give a shit what he says!”

“No kidding,” I said, “as if he can possibly make my day any worse. I’ve got cancer for fuck’s sake!”

“Yeah, but if I get a ticket, you’re paying for it!” she screamed.

We laughed until we cried.

* * * *

From the day I was misdiagnosed until the end of my treatments, there were countless decisions to make. I can only compare it to climbing an old tree with numerous branches. Reaching the top meant I could grab my health back, but there were limitless, different ways to get there. At times, I was paralyzed for fear of making the wrong decision. In the end, I did what was right for me based on all the options I was aware of. As an active participant in my well being—knowledge gave me power.

My mother always said I hated to lose—she was right. There was no way I was losing my life to cancer.

*  *  *  *

Some final words for Joshua

You may feel the weight of cancer on your shoulders right now, but you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions in your corner to help lighten the load.

Keep fighting, young man. I know you can do it. 

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Indies Unite for Joshua

Find all participating authors & blogs for the IndieGoGo campaign “Indies Unite for Joshua” below this post.

*  *  *  *

A short time ago, several authors and I read a post that affected us deeply. It was about fellow writer and friend, Maxwell Cynn, whose 21-old son Joshua was diagnosed with leukemia.

You can read more about it on Max’s heart-wrenching post.

In a little over a week, a group of authors and artists have banded together to help raise money for Joshua to allay the costs of his treatment. Our goal is to collect $10,000 over the next four months as part of “Indies Unite for Joshua.”

I’ve listed all the wonderful authors who are donating their e-books, print books, and guest spots on their blogs. Some have donated multiple or unlimited copies. There are more contributions on the IndieGoGo site. The response has been phenomenal.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has been so generous on such short notice. 

And because all great teams have mascots, this kick-ass baby embodies the spirit of Joshua and the people behind him.

On behalf of “Indies Unite for Joshua”, we’d like to say,

“You can beat this, Joshua, and we’re standing with you every step of the way. We also know you like Metallica.” 😉

Rock on young man,

We're all rooting for you!

Go to “Indies Unite for Joshua” and donate what you can.

Together, we can help Joshua, Max, and his family fight this horrible disease.

Use hashtag #IndiesUnite4Joshua in your tweets!

Please help us spread the word.

Participating authors & blogs

Author/Publisher E-Books (400 copies)
Dare Empire eMedia Productions Reader’s choice from entire catalogue: Genres include erotica and general fiction
Adventure, Humor, Historical
Andy Christofferson The Peace Corpse: Misadventures in Love and Africa
Tim Queeney George in London
Erotica, Romance
Indigo Skye Her Captive Muse OR Cherry Boy
Sessha Batto Reader’s choice
Josée Renard Reader’s choice
Lori Whitwam Make or Break
Cassandra Carr Talk To Me
Anya Winter The Master OR The Mask OR Hot Shots Vol. 2 Anthology
Casey Sheridan Number 69 OR Ruby Red Metallic
Savannah Chase Reader’s choice
Lucy Felthouse Reader’s choice
Lisa Fox The Secrets of Dreams
Adriana Kraft Reader’s choice
Ann Charles Nearly Departed in Deadwood OR Optical Delusions OR Dance of the Winnebagos
Amelia James Reader’s choice
Carrie Ann Ryan An Alpha’s Path OR A Taste for a Mate
Denise Alicea Consoling Angel
Trinity Blacio Reader’s choice from Running in Fear series
Jesse V. Coffey The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment
Tracy Sharp Dirty Business OR Finding Chloe OR Repo Chick Blues
J.L. Campbell Distraction
Kate Hofman Reader’s choice
Eden Baylee Fall into Winter
Annetta Ribken Athena’s Promise
R. B. Wood The Prodigal’s Foole
E.P. Marcellin Element Keepers
Lorna Suzuki Imago Chronicles Books 1 to 4
Dannie C. Hill Outer World Prairie
Flash fiction, Short stories
Annetta Ribken Not Nice and Other Understatements
J.W. Coffey Illusions & Reality
Rebecca Treadway Chilly Eye Callie
Lori Whitwam Monsters Unmasked
Alex Laybourne Highway to Hell
Robert Chazz Chute The Dangerous Kind
J.W. Coffey A Wager of Blood
Literary Fiction
L.M. Stull A Thirty Something Girl
Junying Kirk Trials of Life
Robert Pruneda Pursuit of a Dream
Stephen Faulds Landscape OR Ian’s Story
Memoirs, Non-fiction
Suzannah Burke Empty Chairs OR Faint Echoes of Laughter
Lorca Damon Autism by Hand
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Larry Enright Four Years from Home
J. Alexander Greenwood Pilate’s Key OR Pilate’s Cross OR Obsidian
Jason McInyre Bundled package of Shed AND Bled AND Walkout OR Bundled package of Nights Gone by and Black Light OR Thalo Blue OR On the Gathering Storm
Everett Powers The Mighty T OR Canals
Darcia Helle Reader’s choice
Jennifer Lane With Good Behaviour
Al Boudreau In Memory of Greed
John Betcher Reader’s choice
O.M. Grey Reader’s choice
Calista Taylor Viridis AND Devil on a Sparrow’s Wing
Young Adult
Patti Larsen The complete Hayle Coven series (four volumes) OR The entire series of The Hunted (four volumes)
Ann Mauren Bundled package of Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight and Barefoot Heroine: A Mayne Attraction Short Story
David Roth The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven
Author Print Books (50 copies)
Erotica, Romance, Women’s fiction
Susan Blexrud Love Fang
Kate Austin Reader’s choice
Ann Charles Reader’s choice
Eden Baylee Fall into Winter
Annetta Ribken Athena’s Promise
R.B. Wood The Prodigal’s Foole
Dannie C. Hill Outer World Prairie
E.P. Marcellin Element Keepers
Flash fiction
Annetta Ribken Not Nice and Other Understatements
Robert Chazz Chute Self Help for Stoners
Memoirs, Non fiction
Lorca Damon Autism by Hand
Poetry Collection
Steven M. Grant Another Hotel Room (Special edition)
Wally Lane Mirror, Mirror… Reflections of a Man’s Life
O.M. Grey Reader’s choice
Suspense, Thriller, Apocalyptic anthology
Darcia Helle Into The Light OR Quiet Fury: An Anthology of Suspense
Amelia James End
John Betcher Reader’s choice
Young Adult
Gae Polisner The Pull of Gravity (hardcover)
Megan Bostic Never Eighteen
Patti Larsen Family Magic OR Run
Blog Guest Spots (50 spots)
Rachel in the OC Author interview
Wordwebbing Author interview
Junying Kirk Author interview
Shark Bait Writes Author interview
Alex Laybourne Author interview
Adriana Kraft Author interview
E.P. Marcellin Author interview
Embrace the Shadows Author interview
The Character Depot Author interview
All Kinds of Writing & Author’s Den Author interview posted on both sites
Steena Holmes Guest blogger
Cassandra Carr Guest blogger
Everett Powers Guest blogger
Black Ink, White Paper Guest blogger
Jello World Guest blogger
Lorca Damon Guest blogger
Lisa Fox Guest blogger OR author interview
New Book Blogger Book advertisement
Glynis Smy Book advertisement or author interview
The Pen and Muse Book advertisement or author interview
Chazz Writes Author profile AND promotion
Beth-Ann Mason Author profile AND promotion
Tri Destiny Publishing Author profile AND promotion


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