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Musical Mondays

Another fitful sleep. I’ve been waking up at 4:23 a.m. for the past few nights thinking about writing “stuff.” Blog, website, book launch, etc.

This morning, the first thing I asked Ramone to do was change something on my website—remove the word “or” on one of the pages. Believe it or not, that little word contributed to keeping me awake at night. I never thought I could be so damn anal, but I guess I was wrong.

I don’t know if I’m going about my writing in the correct way. I’m not sure all this social media is going to contribute greatly to my success. It takes up a lot of time, and finding the right balance is something I’m still struggling with. As such, I’m declaring Mondays a day for a brief blog about music—something that popped into my head at 5:44 a.m. as I lay staring at my digital clock.

I’ve seen an incredible progression of music paraphernalia in my lifetime. I’ve owned and still own vinyl 33s and 45s, tape cassettes, several CD Walkmans and multiple iPods—as well as  everything in between. I’ve experienced great music because I was interested in it and can mark each of my major relationships by the type of music we’ve shared. My CD collection was actually the only thing I fought over when my last relationship ended. It sounds funny now since music can be repurchased so easily via iTunes, but at the time, my music was one of the few things that defined me, and I wasn’t giving it up without a fight.

Next Monday, I’ll talk more about my collection, favorite songs, and new and great discoveries. As much as music inspires my stories, I can’t have it playing while I work. Time to get back to some serious writing.

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First Snowfall and No iPod

I rarely leave the house to go somewhere without being plugged in—to music, that is. My iPod is usually attached to my hip, in my pocket or inside my purse with the 3000+ songs I have downloaded. The reason I like my iPod is because I don’t enjoy hearing strangers talk. I take public transportation or walk to most places and have noticed that more and more people seem unconcerned with public decorum—loud talkers on their cell phones, couples who scream obscenities at one another on the bus, and pedestrians who gesticulate and shout at no one in particular until I notice the bluetooth clipped to their ears. Given all this, I have chosen to block them out with my choice of music.

Today was the first real snowfall of the year. It was quite lovely and was still falling by the time I had to go out. I pulled on my winter boots, put on my gloves, hat, and winter coat, but I didn’t wire up. Why? The rationale is odd and based on something that happened several years ago.

I had gone to see my doctor to have my ears examined. For some reason, I wasn’t hearing properly. My doctor used an otoscope to peer into my ear canals and found nothing unusual. Suspecting a buildup of wax, he flushed out my ears with water. It sounded like the logical thing to do at the time, but I wasn’t prepared for the result.

After he was done, he asked “Do things sound a bit clearer?”

I said, “No, but I can certainly see better!”

It was very bizarre, like putting on prescription glasses for the first time. I felt dizzy because things appeared so sharp and focused. Somehow by dislodging the wax in my ears, my doctor had improved my eyesight! I don’t remember if my hearing got any better, but for whatever reason, it was no longer a concern.

All this to say that I wanted to visually appreciate the beauty of the first snowfall today, and I felt this could be better achieved with reduced auditory stimulation. I was right, at least up until the time I heard the siren of a fire engine speeding by me.

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Persistence is key, but I’m a MAC user!

What the hell ! Okay, so…I’m still sitting here. It’s several hours later from the last post, or at least it feels that way. My legs are numb from sitting in the lotus position, my glasses foggy from frustration, and this is the second time I am typing this entry. Why? Because I pressed some weird link and my 350+ word post disappeared in front of my eyes. I cried.

What has happened in the past few hours? First, I’ve composed myself—somewhat, and I will try hard to recreate what I wrote. What worked?

I no longer have my posts going on the HOME page – good.

I have my posts going to a newly-created BLOG page – good.

I have a few widgets on the right sidebar – very good.

What is still not working?

I can’t upload music or pictures … yet. I tried once but it didn’t work.

I can’t change the order of my menu tabs, even after reading the tutorial three times. This is definitely something I must leave for tomorrow.

I can’t share my posts on my BLOG page via email, Facebook, or Twitter, although, I must admit I wonder who would read this mad rant and want to share it. Funny, I have these “share” widgets on every other page where there is no content.

Though I know persistence is key, I think I have been a MAC user for much too long. What do I mean by this? I expect things to work in a much more intuitive way. With the touch screen ease of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and most of its iPods now, I have become spoiled by the seamless ease with which the applications work together. I almost feel like I have to put on my “PC” hat to build this blog site —that’s personal computer and not politically correct, in case you’re wondering.

Whatever it is, I’m finding the “drag and drop” functionality nice, but inconsistent, and I ain’t getting it too fast, no I’m not.

I’m tired, but feeling slightly better for having at least posted two items today.

Stay sexy,


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