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Contemplations by L.M. Stull

One of my dearest friends and fellow authors just released a fantastic anthology. L.M. Stull has been interviewed as part of my “Inside the Author’s Mind” series, and I also reviewed her excellent debut novel A Thirty Something Girl.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Contemplations, get it now! I’m a fan of short stories and poetry and L.M. writes both with a deft hand. Enjoy!

Before penning her first novel, L.M. Stull found her voice and style by crafting a variety of short stories, poems, and flash fiction. Comprised of the very first words she uttered as a writer, Contemplations is a collection of tales and prose about life. Some happy. Some sad. Contemplations is filled with a multitude of writings that are sure to touch each reader in one way or another.

Buy Links:  Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Smashwords


Connect with L.M. Stull at all her social networks

Website Twitter Facebook Goodreads Facebook Fellow Writer’s Group

L.M. also blogs about her own personal journey in life on her blog, Lisa’s Liberation.

A Washington, DC native, L.M. Stull spends her days chained to a desk at a law firm in southern Virginia. When she’s not feverishly taking orders from attorneys, she writes.

After the death of her grandfather, the words stopped flowing, and it was not until her late 20s that she rediscovered her passion for writing.

Her stories tell of the human spirit – sometimes sad, sometimes not – most can relate to them on some level or another.


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I’m in a Menage with Two Babes!

 The contest is NOW CLOSED 

The Ménage a Blog Tour de Force is officially over.  It ended midnight last night. Thanks to everyone who commented to get a FREE copy of my erotic novel, Fall into Winter.  I appreciate all the visits to my blog, and it’s been a wonderful week of new and current readers showing support for which I’m so grateful.

I have sent out a FREE ebook to each commenter, and your name is entered for my author prize and Kindle. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t received an email from me, please contact me directly at:

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My sincerest gratitude to all,



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🙂 UPDATE: Sunday, July 24th 🙂

Today’s the LAST DAY to get my book, Fall into Winter for FREE. I’ve sent out close to 200 books over the last two days, and I’d gladly send out more! Comment here until midnight tonight and you’ll get your copy and be entered for my Author Prize and Kindle too. Don’t forget to comment on my sponsors’ sites too for additional chances to win! DO IT NOW before the contest closes! 

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🙂 UPDATE: Saturday, July 23rd 🙂

I’m still giving away Fall into Winter for FREE, so continue commenting! It’s not too late! Comment until July 24th, Sunday midnight.  Don’t forget to leave comments for my sponsors to increase your chances to win my AUTHOR PRIZE. As a BONUS, my reviewer Maxwell Cynn is also giving his erotic science fiction book, CybrGrrl for FREE to commenters until July 31st. It’s my favorite read this year, so I’d recommend you get it FREE by commenting on his site too!  Now GO GO GO, and comment away! 

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🙂 UPDATE: Friday, July 22nd 🙂

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday! You are INCREDIBLE! If you were unable to leave a comment for some reason, no worries, it’s not too late! You can still comment until July 24th, Sunday midnight, for FREE ebooks and be eligible for my AUTHOR PRIZE  & KINDLE. Wheeeee!  Now, read all about it below!

If you’ve read my anthology Fall into Winter, you’ll know I have a story about a threesome.  Well, today, I’m writing about a different type of threesome—me with two sexy babes!

The Indie Book Collective is running their Tour de Force Menage a Blog featuring 3 authors daily. What do we want?



I’m wooing you for comments against Jacquie Rogers and Theresa Ragan. Whoever gets the most comments from this blog tour moves on to the semi-finals.


Prizes, you ask? What prizes?

Before I tell you about prizes, let me tell you about the sexy babes I’m up against.

First is the beautiful Theresa Ragan with her action-adventure called Finding Kate Huntley.

Blurb: During a vacation in the Caribbean, fifteen-year old Kate Huntley’s father, a prominent U.S. scientist, is murdered before her eyes. For the next ten years Kate grows up alone in Haiti, one of the most dangerous and poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of her father. Kate pushes herself to become stronger, mentally and physically. Every day is a struggle for survival. And yet she lives for only one reason…revenge.

Next, we have the lovely Jacquie RogersHer novel is a western romance entitled Much Ado About Marshals.

Blurb: Daisy Gardner’s fondest desire is to be a lady detective, only her parents want her to marry a local rancher. To avoid this fate, Daisy forms a new scheme–to hire, then marry the town’s new marshal. She will be his partner in crime solving and have a husband as dedicated to absolute honesty as she is! With just one look at the dashingly handsome marshal, she knows he’s the right man for the job. But when her dream man turns out to be an imposter, can her heart override her need for truth and justice?

They sound fabulous, don’t they? 😉 Hold that thought while I tell you what you can win.

By commenting on my blog, you IMMEDIATELY WIN a copy of my e-book, Fall into Winter.  If you’ve read my book, comment on which story you liked the best, and if you haven’t read it, let me know which one sounds the most interesting to you.

So, here’s a bit about it.

Fall into Winter is a collection of four unique novellas.

“Seduced by the Blues” is about making music between an older woman and a younger man.

“Act Three” tells the tale of 1 woman, 2 men, a dungeon, and hot sex games.

“The Norwegian” is the story of a hot biathlete who rediscovers love.

“The Austrian and the Asian” is about lost love and second chances.

Hope the stories appeal to you. 😉



By commenting on my blog, you’re also eligible to win my fabulous AUTHOR PRIZE.

Check it out!

* A personally signed copy of my book, Fall into Winter

* CD of my favorite music and those included in “Seduced by the Blues”

* DVD of Sunset Boulevard, the film mentioned in “Act Three”

* The fragrance Lovely worn by the heroine in “The Norwegian”

* Story of O, the book mentioned in “The Austrian and the Asian”

* BONUS GIFT which shall remain a secret until the winner is announced.



You can increase your chances to win my AUTHOR PRIZE by visiting the reviewers of my book. These are wonderful authors and review sites who have written a review of Fall into Winter.

BETWEEN THE LINES , founded by author, LM Stull 

GEORGE PAPPAS , author of Monogamy Sucks

MAXWELL CYNN,  author of CybrGrrl

INDIGO SKYE, author of Her Captive Muse

BOOKINGIT, independent book reviewer

SATIN’S BOOKISH CORNER, independent book reviewer

Leave them comments too and you’ll be entered for 1 additional draw/reviewer for my AUTHOR PRIZE.  SIX more chances to win! Please include your email address in your comments  with them.

Pretty amazing, right? 😉




By commenting on my blog, you’re also eligible to win … a Kindle – YOU HEARD ME – A KINDLE!  Every unique comment counts as an entry, so spread the word. Tell your friends and family! Heck, tell your enemies too!




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The Ménage a Blog is about experiencing ALL the wonderful writers who are participating in this tour. If you’re just joining, don’t worry, you can still go back and comment on all the tour sites since Monday and win!  GO CHECK THEM OUT!  Each comment brings visibility to our books, and we are happy to give away FREE ebooks and prizes to do it!

Good luck to everyone, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for leaving a comment!

Stay sexy,



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Writing is like …

This is a blog meme. What is that, you ask? I had to find out before I attempted to add to it.

A meme is a self-propagating unit of thought spread from one host to another, an idea-gene, if you will.

For bloggers, memes can provide insight into the personalities of other writers that you wouldn’t necessarily find in their writing.

This meme was passed on to me by my friend, wild and witty thriller author, Jason McIntyre. I think he’s purposely trying to push me over the edge by adding more to my writing plate, however, I’m rarely one to pass up a challenge, so thanks Jason!

Here’s my attempt at keeping this meme alive…

Writing is like controlling a vicious beast—not literally, but some days, it sure feels that way.

My attempt to tame the beast is through meditation. The task seems simple: concentrate on one thing and one thing only—my breath. Just feel my breath as it comes into my nostrils, and feel it as it exits my nostrils. Direct all my energies toward this instinctual life force. Do it for an hour daily to attain a sharper mind and gain the ability to write with more focus. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…

I sit perfectly still in the lotus position on the floor, eyes closed, hands folded peacefully in my lap, and the alarm clock set to go off in an hour. Ten seconds in, my thoughts wander to yesterday. Did I remember to take the laundry out? Did I send off that e-mail for my interview? Shit, I forgot to call my mother!

Rein in that savage beast! Concentrate…breathe, okay…

My thoughts skip ahead. What am I making for dinner? I need to get my teeth cleaned. Did I just hear my mailman come up the walk? Stay in the moment, dammit, just think about the breathing!

And so it goes for the next hour as I cautiously dance around this maniacal animal, coaxing it to behave, using my powers of persuasion to break its uncivilized spirit. I refuse to kill it, but I want to grab it by the neck and choke some sense into it, make it listen to me, show it that I’m the master. And yet…despite my reasoning, this feral creature tears at me with its dripping fangs, and I spin around and around to…

Fantasy time: An editor from Random House calls me. She’s read my book and would like to fly me down to New York for a meeting. She wants to discuss a series and …

Pep talk time: I can do this. I know I can. I’m strong, hang in there…

Whining time: How can one hour seem so bloody long? My right knee hurts, why do I need to sit like this? I could sure use a chair. When the hell’s that alarm going off?

And just as I’m ready to think only about breathing, I’m jolted out of my meditation/nap by the “beeping” of my alarm. As much as I’ve tried to force this wicked animal into submission, I’ve only experienced a few moments within the hour when it actually obeyed me. Those few moments were sublime—moments where there was a true connection to the present and doing what I had set out to do.

As each day passes, patience will grow those few moments into seconds, and seconds into minutes, and in time, this wild beast will be trained, healthy, and with all its bad habits happily obliterated.

I can only hope.

*  *  *  *

So who am I asking to carry on this blog meme? Three lovely female authors whom I’m proud to call friends:

Paranormal romance writer: LM Stull

Young adult writer: Patti Larsen

Horror writer: Rebecca Treadway

Ladies, may you go the distance with this meme!

Stay sexy,



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