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Music Monday moves with @NinaSimoneMusic

We just got hit with another snowfall, and this song makes me wish for that elusive sun.

Despite the cold, I’m keeping hot and in shape by attending yoga classes. Hope you’re staying warm too!

Have a great week and feel free to move along to Nina Simone’s remixed version of “Here Comes the Sun.”



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Musical Mondays – Nina Simone

For the final Fabulous Femme musician – my choice had to be Nina Simone.  Her music touches me like no other female artist can—the way she plays piano, sings, and that voice—haunting and soulful with every word she breathes life into.

“Wild is the Wind” was originally recorded at The Town Hall in New York City where she played in 1959. This is the long version that was included on her album of the same name some years later.

It’s so beautiful that words cannot describe it—you just need to listen. Listen to “Wild is the Wind.”




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Please Accept My Christmas Hug

As I danced to techno Nina Simone in my dining room while wrapping Christmas gifts today, I realized it’s my first unemployed Christmas in over ten years. I don’t miss the job, but I do miss the people. This time of year always brought out the best in people where I worked—lots of little parties, get-togethers, toy drives for kids, collections for the food bank.

With Corporate Big Brother watching in recent years,  the extravagance of parties past have long disappeared. When I left the company a little under a year ago, there had already been strict enforcement for how much could be spent on employee gifts, and most parties were only subsidized by the company, not fully paid for. Nothing was free anymore.

I must admit, it was never about the over-the-top party venue, water-downed drinks, or mediocre food. It was always about the co-workers and how different they appeared in a social setting—even if it was forced socialization.  Everyone was on their best behavior; and for a couple of hours at least, all appeared to be happy. It was also the time the brass delivered their message of hope and thanks.  My former director did this better than anyone I knew.  A soft-spoken man who barely talked to most employees during the rest of the year, he came up with the most beautiful messages at Christmas. They were not work-related “rah-rah” speeches about continuing to contribute to the bottom line. They were messages about priorities, examining what was important in our lives—spending time with each other, family, and friends. I’m a sentimental person, and he always choked me up a bit with his words.

My workplace is not the corporate office anymore, but my living room couch. I can no longer go around hugging co-workers to convey my good wishes, but I can send you all a virtual hug—I hope you feel it!

Please accept my heartfelt wishes to you and your families on the day before the day before Christmas.

Stay sexy,



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