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Eden’s Exchange talks to John Anstie (@PoetJanstie) #author #interview

I remember the exact moment when I met John. It was on twitter August 2011. I was having a conversation with another Englishman about the London riots, and John interjected and suggested I read his article on the matter.

I did.

The rest is history, really. We’ve been friends ever since, and have discussed numerous topics ranging from poetry to politics to music to the Royal Mail system. He’s helped me in a fundraiser for a fellow author, and he’s been a constant source of friendship.

For all these reasons, it’s my privilege to highlight John and his writing.

Please give a very warm welcome to poet/writer and consummate thinker, John Anstie. Continue reading


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Petrichor Rising – A NEW RELEASE of poems by @poetjanstie and others

Some of my favourite poets, including John Anstie, Jacqueline Dick, and Joe Hesch have collaborated with others as part of the Grass Roots Poetry Group and released a book a poetry.

The proceeds of this anthology are being donated to UNICEF in support of children in need.

I’ve just picked up my copy. Get yours now and connect to some wonderful poets and help a great cause too!

* * * *

Petrichor Rising

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Paperback | e-book PDF


Petrichor Rising takes you on a journey that exposes you to the full spectrum of emotions, from barely concealed despair to hope, from love to sorrow, with a clear appreciation of nature’s value and humanity’s shortcomings. It rides a roller-coaster that moves you to consider many of life’s challenges from a different perspective, as all good poetry should. Haunting yet shocking, aching nostalgia and enchanting stories about dragons.

Optimism and hope tinged with shadows of doubt. Places never seen and humanity’s uncaring nature, prosodic social commentaries and observations of the minutest details of life. Mood, atmosphere and romance. Clever writing that brings you close to the edge of society, still capable of moving you and not pulling any punches. Poetry with a universal appeal covering subjects as varied as the loss of a cat or a harrowing account of the 7/7 London bombings, poetry that focuses on the roots of all that makes us respond to life and long for something better.

Connect to the Grass Roots Poetry Group on Twitter

Abigail Linnet Baker ~ @the_linnet
Peter Wilkin ~ @peterwilkin1
Louise Hastings ~ @LouiseJHastings
Shân Ellis-Williams ~ @Awdures
Quirina Roode-Gutzmer ~ @denfemte
Joe Hesch ~ @JAHesch
Jacqueline Dick ~ @fumanchucat
Marsha Berry ~ @marousia
John Anstie ~ @poetjanstie


Introduction by Craig Morris ~ @grasscraig
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