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My Review and a Giveaway of TRIALS OF LIFE by @junying007

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I’m honored to be part of Junying’s final day of her Trials of Life blog tour.

Writing one book is not easy. I know, I’m in the middle of re-writes on my first full length novel at the moment.

That’s why I have infinite admiration for Junying Kirk. Trials of Life is the second in her  ‘Journey to the West’ trilogy following her brilliant first book, The Same Moon, and concluding with Land of Hope. She has rewritten parts of Trials of Life since it first released, so this is a new and improved version of the book.

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My review ★★★★★ (Originally posted July 2012)

Trials of Life is the sequel to The Same Moon, which I truly enjoyed, and I’d highly recommend be read prior to this one, as it follows the main character – Pearl, in her quest to the West.

The style of writing is different in this one with shifting POVs. This goes against most of the conventional rules I’ve learned about writing, yet, once I settled into the story, this was not an issue as the plot drew me in.

We learn of Pearl’s education in the West —not all of it is good, and this story centers around a particularly bad part of it. The underlying theme, however, still touches on the immigrant experience for many who move to a new country in search of “a better life.” Pearl learns that although some things are better, the road is not all welcoming.

This is a well-told story of Pearl’s trials in a new world, and how along the way, she anchors herself to her new home with what is really important.

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Author Bio

Junying Kirk was born a spice girl, hailing from Sichuan Province in southwestern China. In the summer of 1988, a British Council scholarship led her to study English Language Teaching at Warwick University, followed by further post-graduate degrees at Glasgow and Leeds. In her career spanning from the East to the West, she has played various roles as an academic, administrator, researcher, teacher and cultural consultant. Currently working as a professional interpreter and translator, she reads voraciously and writes with passion and dedication. She enjoys drawing from the wealth of life itself  to create stories, which are both engaging and exciting. She travels widely and keeps her mind and heart open for the new, the good, the bad and the ugly. Her ‘Journey to the West’ trilogy, “The Same Moon”, “Trials of Life” and “Land of Hope” have been published in both electronic form and paperbacks.

She lives in Birmingham, UK with her English husband.

To follow her world wide travels and other creative pursuits, please visit www.junyingkirk.com

Junying Kirk

Book Blurb

On her continued “Journey to the West”, Pearl Zhang meets Andrew Church and they fall in love. Her determined, professional pursuits land her a plum international development job at a leading UK university. Life is on an upward curve, or so it seems.

Dick Appleton, a troublesome academic from a privileged background, wants a junior assistant other than Pearl, in his quest to discover China and what it has to offer him.

What happens when two powerful personalities and two different cultures meet and clash? Will life teach Pearl another sharp lesson in her adopted country, or will the ancient Chinese belief hold true that everything happens for a reason? Will she bow to her fate or fights for her beliefs?


“This wonderful book dissects and lays bare the entire course of an harassment claim, from the events leading to the claim through the hearing and its aftermath” – Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, Australia

“The Joker in the “Dark Knight”. Dr Hannibal Lecter in “Red Dragon”, The Judge from Blood Meridian. Ms. Kirk’s creation, description and actions of Dr. Richard Appleton will tremor your spine. – Vince Considine, USA

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Inside the Author’s Mind – Junying Kirk

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Chatting with Junying Kirk

Junying Kirk is a lovely author who lives in England after moving there from China in 1988. She was very gracious to interview me on her fantastic blog.

Hop over and read here when you get a chance. We’d love to hear from you.

Junying is the author of  Trials of Life and The Same Moon, the first two novels of her Journey to the West trilogy.

Hit on the book covers to learn more about Junying’s fantastic work.



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