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Update to Spring into Summer

During the time I was writing my first book, I was not connected to Twitter, did not have a blog, and was on Facebook only to play on-line Scrabble. Within ten months of quitting my job to write full-time, I had published Fall into Winter — my anthology of erotic novellas. That was February 2011.

The wheels have spun more slowly since then. My first post last November recounted the frustration of setting up my blog and was entitled “Patience is a Virtue.”  Patience is something I have little of. I’ve had my second anthology written for some time, but I’ve been editing it—slowly. I hate editing, and I revise numerous times prior to giving it to a professional. I’m like the homemaker who cleans my house before I hire a maid to really clean it. It’s a sickness — I know.

* * * *

I also know I did things slightly backwards with my first book. I built my author platform after my book got released. Knowing that meaningful relationships don’t spring up overnight, I’ve taken time to connect with people whom I consider allies. Bonding with them has helped me to become a better writer, to market myself strategically, and to develop close friendships that are more than just about the business of writing and selling books.

* * * *

It’s no coincidence I’ve chosen “patience” as my theme for this month. As much as I’d like to jump in and launch my second book by year-end—I’m not going to. It’s not the right time, and there’s no urgency except for my own impatience. My first book came out in time for Valentine’s Day which was wonderful—erotica in February made sense. Spring into Summer released at Christmas? Not so much, especially for a Canadian girl accustomed to snow, not sand in December.

* * * *

I’d like to share some final thoughts with those who’ve read Fall into Winter and told me they’re anxiously awaiting my next book. I cannot begin to tell you how encouraging your words are, and I firmly believe you can never say “thank you” often enough, so… thank you from the bottom of my  ♥  for your continued support. It makes my life as a writer truly worthwhile. 


Look for Spring into Summer in early 2012


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(1) I’ve updated the Buy Links for Fall into Winter. It’s now available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book formats via KINDLE and the NOOK. Details here.

(2) All information regarding my book launch has now been added.

4 Videos

Photo slide show

Blog article

(3) My story, “Crazy Love” is included with 8 others in the romance anthology called Love Songs Say So Much. Each story is inspired by a song with the word “love” in the title, and can be downloaded here.

(4) Moving forward, I will post a monthly schedule under my NEWS tab that I’ll update regularly.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support.



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